Kuwaiti Newspaper | The “shadow economy” wastes the efforts of monetary policymakers

A parallel investment sector outside the formal economy hinders efforts to control inflation ratesCryptocurrencies, “NFT” and digital content are investment tools that have restored the balance of money and reshaped ownership, investment and assetsIt achieves significant financial returns, maximizes purchasing power and high interest temptations are unable to do so and are ignored by central … Read more

Emirates Airlines announces a new premium economy class and expects to meet high demand :: Al-Anbat

Nabataeans – Passengers can now look forward to another premium travel experience with Emirates as the airline reveals its full premium economy offer on board and on land and announces it will open this much sought after cabin for sale from June 1, 2022. Emirates President Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said: “New class … Read more

Read Theodor Herzl’s novel: Nabateans

Nabataeans – Badia Al Nuaimi It would be better to call this book a plan or project, not a novel. An Old New Earth (The Tunnelian) is a fantasy novel by Theodor Herzl. He wrote it in 1902 and presented his vision for the future state of the Jews in the land of Palestine and … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | Lively Dubai continues to amaze

A Gulf media delegation visited the charming city from 24 May to 27 May At the good invitation of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, a Gulf media delegation visited the city of Dubai from 24 to 27 May to learn about its most prominent landmarks and to visit the most famous and … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | Changan Al Mutawa launches its ultra-luxury UNI sports family

Introduced brand new UNI-K and UNI-T models at The Avenues Al-Qurain Automotive Trading Company, in a big open ceremony, launched the completely new UNI family with two models of the SUV category, UNI-K and UNI-T … and “Al Jarida” highlights them today through cars . pages to talk about their specifics. At a grand ceremony, … Read more

“The Houses of Eden” … a promising project to house young converts in Britain, led by preacher Amina Blake | OVERVIEW

Aden Homes is a new project led by British preacher Amina Blake that provides support for young Muslims Kuwait- The British preacher Amina Blake confirmed that her project to house the young converts called the “Houses of Eden” contributed to saving the lives of many women as they converted to Islam and lost their shelter. … Read more

Empty pocket is the main cause of psychological and physical problems. Why do doctors warn about “financial stress”?

Stress can be one of the main problems that many people suffer, due to the pressures of life and work, or even due to romantic relationships. But financial stress is also one of the most common and growing forms of stress in the world. Most adults worry about money at some point in their lives. … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | The City Council is discussing the design and development of the Fourth Ring in the final session

• Next Monday consider the transfer of the Football Federation from Adailiya to another region• Review of a request for the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant in Amghara• Allocation of a place for camels in the Shaqaya area The Municipal Council for the fourteenth session will close the regular sessions next Monday before the … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | Jazeera Airways earns 3.8 million dinars in the first quarter

Marwan Boodai: The company has expanded its services and capabilities in preparation for the launch of new tourist destinations Jazeera Airways has achieved a new achievement by obtaining an accreditation certificate from the General Administration of Civil Aviation of Kuwait to be an approved training center for pilots and aircraft crews, from its headquarters in … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | KFH: Extensive participation in the program “Contact with Kindness”.

Al-Ruwaih: Various activities and initiatives based on technology and virtual reality The Kuwaiti House of Finance (KFH) concluded the Ramadan program “Connect with Kindness in the Month of Giving” for the current year 2022, with various community and voluntary contributions, awareness initiatives and daily communication with the public, competitions, Gergean events, sports and young people. … Read more