A recent study: the mind is always ready to learn, with or without purpose | SCIENCE

The learning process gives us different experiences by memorizing a set of information and retrieving it later. However, the child does not need, for example, attending school lessons to distinguish dogs from cats, as he can classify them. as different. creatures from each other simply observing them in his daily life. Scientists call this type … Read more

A request to appeal the decision and various posts on Twitter. The Depp and Heard affair is not over yet

It has become difficult to pass posts through social media in the present time without encountering a post or at least a photo about the famous trial of American actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which started last April 11th. The case received widespread media attention around the world due to unknown details and circumstances … Read more

The shift from goods to services .. Changing consumer habits ease inflation in America | The economy

Changes in spending habits can help alleviate supply chain problems and inflation. In an article published by the American newspaper The Washington Post, writer David Lynch said that consumers have returned to their previous habits by returning the balance between spending on goods and services to what it was in May 2020. According to inflation-adjusted … Read more

Study: Long-term stay in space changes the brain anatomy of science astronauts

By studying the subtle changes in health, body composition, and functions of astronauts in conditions previously unknown to man, scientists learn more about the diseases and disorders that our bodies have successfully endured on Earth. Astronauts fly to International Space Stations and the race to establish human colonies on Mars accelerates. Scientists have noticed, through … Read more

International scientific team: Turmeric-coated gold particles create cleaner, more efficient fuel cells | SCIENCE

An international scientific team from the Clemson Institute of Nanomaterials (CNI) and the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Education (SSSIHL) in India has come up with a unique method for combining curcumin, an ingredient in turmeric, with gold particles. To make an electrode, 100 times less energy is needed to convert ethanol into a … Read more