For special summer sessions .. Here are practical and modern ideas for outdoor home gardens for 2022 | with evergreen

Beirut – Vera enjoys its evening nature sessions with family, relatives and friends and enjoying the scenic nature. The garden is the main center for the family, whether to eat, grill, relax or sit with invited. It is therefore necessary to add some creative touches to renovate the exterior garden decor and to decorate them … Read more

Emotional intelligence .. Do we own it in our lives? How do we teach it to our children? | OVERVIEW

Amjad Al-Jumayyan: The Most Important Signs of High Emotional Intelligence; Accepting mistakes, taking responsibility, learning from mistakes, accepting criticism, listening and making eye contact with others while speaking. Aman Emotional intelligence is evident in everyday life through the expression of emotional feelings and the extent to which we are able to restrain the extent of … Read more

Why do teens need more sleep and how can we help them get it? | OVERVIEW

Study: Adolescents who slept 8 to 9 hours were less likely to have mental health problems, including mood swings, inferiority complexes, anxiety, and depression. A recent mental health advisory report released by the United States Department of Public Health showed that feelings of stress, despair, and suicidal ideation have increased significantly in adolescents in recent … Read more

How do you stop the delivery of plastic in food to your family? | OVERVIEW

Have you ever thought that you can unknowingly add large amounts of plastic to your family’s diet and in the form of small microfiber particles, the equivalent of a bank card enters the body every week? This is correct. Many daily habits related to the preparation and preparation of food make us consume constant amounts … Read more

A Jordanian woman creates fashion designs that mimic the varieties and colors of roses in a modern spirit | OVERVIEW

Aman- The love for art and the passion to delve into its details pushed the young woman, Hanin Odeh, to move the “compass” in the path of her career, from engineering to fashion design. Engineer and stylist Hanin decided to give up her job in the field of industrial engineering in a private company, and … Read more

Far from indoctrination .. Jordanian compiles interactive books and educational aids for children | OVERVIEW

Aman- With individual effort and simple materials, Jordanian Alia Mutairat was able to realize her “practical” idea of ​​designing interactive books and educational tools for children in an innovative way that captures the young man’s soul and mind. The love and passion for educating children are the two main motives behind the creation of books … Read more

Knowing the boundaries and how to control .. 7 ways to deal with your teenage son | OVERVIEW

“My son hates me.” Many mothers utter this phrase with a sigh after escalating situations with their child, and the mother asks herself: When did her beloved little child turn into that rude person who criticizes all her actions? And you start to create perceptions, analyzes and multiple forms of punishment without realizing that everything … Read more

“The Houses of Eden” … a promising project to house young converts in Britain, led by preacher Amina Blake | OVERVIEW

Aden Homes is a new project led by British preacher Amina Blake that provides support for young Muslims Kuwait- The British preacher Amina Blake confirmed that her project to house the young converts called the “Houses of Eden” contributed to saving the lives of many women as they converted to Islam and lost their shelter. … Read more

Jewelry Label and Protocol .. A Qatari stylist explains a woman’s guide to buying her jewelry | OVERVIEW

The art of jewelry etiquette is about educating women on how to choose jewelry, when to wear it and the right colors and type. Doha – Are you passionate about jewelry and its acquisition? Do you think you own the most beautiful and special parts? Are you sure you are in trend when you buy … Read more