Accusing women of shopping obsession..a male ignorance

Libyan writer and novelist Wafaa Al-Bouasi has refuted popular claims that women are eager to buy, and the strong impression that women are fond of buying and spending money on goods and exhibitions that can often be distributed, and women’s obsession with consumption. and excessive consumption because, as they say, they do not tire of … Read more

3D printing .. the patient makes the medicine

Recently, 3D printing technology has attracted a lot of attention of scientists and researchers in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical industry over the last ten years. In particular, after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved in 2015, the production of the drug “Spritam” for Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, which is used to treat … Read more

WhatsApp stickers..a design story that gives you joy

It is the age of speed and the open world regardless of languages. This is what WhatsApp implements and makes available to its 1.5 billion users. At first, they got a limited set of stickers through the first package, provided by the design team for WhatsApp and a few other artists, who were selected by … Read more

Consensual democracy between sects and regions

Multi-sectarian or multi-ethnic societies face an existential problem that makes them vulnerable to divisions or civil wars, which makes them face many challenges in creating an appropriate political system through which they overcome the tendency for division or local wars. Consensual democracy is an alternative to coercive states under which these divisions often flourish whenever … Read more

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are effective in small spaces

While the fire of the “Dhahran” shopping complex which broke out on Friday morning reminded us of the fire of the “Al-Shula” shopping complex in Sharqia, which was completely destroyed two decades ago. Fire extinguishing systems and loss prevention, and mandatory periodic and continuous. tests of fire extinguishing systems, to ensure their readiness, as Engineer … Read more

The ambition of the Middle East to adopt models of green buildings

With growing international concern about global warming, the construction industry in the Middle East has begun to witness a shift towards more sustainable construction as part of broader efforts to address the high levels of hydrocarbon gases in the region’s economy. To cross the border of billions. In the Middle East, where this industry is … Read more

Coal is Hezbollah’s weapon for cocaine smuggling

The worsening economic crisis Lebanon is experiencing and the economic sanctions that have plagued Iran for some time have reinforced Hezbollah’s ability to expand its drug trade and others to secure funding for its activities. operational in countries not at all under consideration, such as Colombia, Peru and others. It can be understood that the … Read more

Invitations to occasions .. from seeming simplicity and exaggeration

Invitations for occasions and celebrations have come a long way, which went from simplicity to savings and cost, and shifted from the concept of being content with a general invitation that bothered people flocking to meet willingly, for become like a burden by turning it into the concept of an individual personal invitation that guests … Read more

Only 3% of female Saudi engineers attend

Saudi engineers listed about 5 challenges they face in the engineering sector, noting that the Saudi engineer has proven her high skills and efficiency in the engineering sector, explaining that Saudi female engineers have managed to get leadership positions and have proved their competence. in some jobs that seem far removed from the concept of … Read more

Office fees employ engineers – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

Engineers and owners of engineering consulting offices demanded the launch of a minimum tariff system for engineering offices to maintain the quality of the engineering product and their ambition for legislation that would impose a minimum tariff on engineering offices in order to reduce abuses. made by some offices to reduce cost prices at the … Read more