Accusing women of shopping obsession..a male ignorance

Libyan writer and novelist Wafaa Al-Bouasi has refuted popular claims that women are eager to buy, and the strong impression that women are fond of buying and spending money on goods and exhibitions that can often be distributed, and women’s obsession with consumption. and excessive consumption because, as they say, they do not tire of … Read more

Ludoxaphobia: How do you overcome your fears about what people think of you? | Lifestyle

Anxiety about accepting others turns into a psychological state called “ludoxaphobia” Our desire to feel accepted pushes us to consider the opinions of others, even if we do not welcome them in our real life, yet they are guests of our mind before we make any decision, or as the Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote … Read more

3D printing .. the patient makes the medicine

Recently, 3D printing technology has attracted a lot of attention of scientists and researchers in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical industry over the last ten years. In particular, after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved in 2015, the production of the drug “Spritam” for Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, which is used to treat … Read more

WhatsApp stickers..a design story that gives you joy

It is the age of speed and the open world regardless of languages. This is what WhatsApp implements and makes available to its 1.5 billion users. At first, they got a limited set of stickers through the first package, provided by the design team for WhatsApp and a few other artists, who were selected by … Read more

Healthy basket..a gift that brings joy to the hearts of friends and patients | Lifestyle

Aman- A “special and unconventional gift” is a requirement that preoccupies many people when they plan to choose or present it, and is one of the beautiful and well-known ideas lately, and some are inclined to present it with the idea of ​​a “health basket”, which is attractively coordinated, which adds joy to the heart … Read more

Changing the details of the interior decoration of the house .. psychological comfort and improving the family mood | Lifestyle

The use of memorial photos is important as it has a special feature in wall decoration because it gathers family members and makes them relive the most beautiful memories. Beirut Many experts in the world of decoration consider that the constant change of the details of the interior decoration of the house creates a state … Read more

For the enjoyment and benefit of children .. Numerous activities for a rewarding summer vacation | Lifestyle

Beirut – Who among us does not look forward to summer vacation, especially children, because it is the period in which they find time for fun, entertainment and fun, in addition to many varied activities such as fun trips, trips, summer camps, etc., so Parents should participate with their children in planning their holiday program … Read more

Constant fear of separation .. How do you feel safe with your partner? | Lifestyle

The amount of emotional need varies from person to person, and there are those who have more needs than others, and it may be acceptable early in the relationship, but over time, strong emotional attachment can become a burden for the party. next, and push it away. What does it mean to be connected to … Read more

Marriage leave..the separation of one spouse from the other breaks the routine and renews the love between them | Lifestyle

Interview with Dr. Mazen: Preserving personal spaces is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy marital relationship, but these spaces shrink as a result of increased responsibilities and life pressures, which causes disagreement and psychological or physical exhaustion for one or both spouses. the need arises to take a break or a personal … Read more