This is how he lived after the death of his mother and gave up royal life and his brother for Megan Markle

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, whose full name is Henry Charles Albert David. Born September 15, 1984, he is a member of the British royal family, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, the son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana and the sixth heir to the British throne. Prince Harry was appointed guardian of Wales from … Read more

Young Lebanese artists dive into ‘NFT’ to challenge odds … Important tips for beginners

Ahmed Bagdadi The term “NFT” has become popular in recent months, and has become the watch verb in the tech world. From the conversion of the first tweet in the Twitter app to “NFT” and its sale for a value of 2.9 million dollars, to the launch of large trading companies from “Adidas” to “Lambergin”, … Read more

Is your boyfriend playing with your mind? 15 sentences that tell you the truth …

Thanks for reading the news: Is your boyfriend playing with your mind? 15 sentences that tell you the truth … Basrawi News Encyclopedia Hind Muhammed wrote: Emotional relationships are not as rosy as we thought in our childhood. Once you enter into a romantic relationship, it means that you know deeply another person, who may … Read more

Introduction to the evening news June 10, 2022

Introduction to TV Lebanon news bulletin The reception dominates the country with two prominent stations next week, the first of which is the arrival of US mediator in the border demarcation negotiations, Amos Hochstein in Lebanon and his meeting with the three presidents and a number of officials to find out. Lebanese stance on demarcation … Read more

What do we deserve in a romantic relationship? 10 things we deserve and maybe more! …

Thanks for reading the news: What do we deserve in a romantic relationship? 10 things we deserve and maybe more! … Basrawi news encyclopedia written by Hind Muhammad No one told us when we were young the things we really deserve or the right way in which we should evaluate ourselves, we may have discovered … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres had a difficult childhood .. her lesbian lived freely, married her boyfriend and her fortune is estimated at millions

Ellen DeGeneresBorn January 26, 1958, she was an American gay actress, comedian, broadcaster, writer, producer, and activist. Since 2003. Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born and raised in Louisiana. Her mother, Elizabeth Jane, is a speech therapist and her father, Elliot Everett DeGeneres, is an insurance agent. Ellen DeGeneres has a brother, Vance, who works as … Read more

Japanese Okamoto, 50 years after his participation in the attack on the Israeli airport Lod .. Where and how do you live?

In 1972, Kozo Okamoto wanted to end his life with two of his comrades in the Japanese Red Army through the bloody suicide attack at Lod airport in Israel that killed 26 people. But 50 years later, he is still alive, a political refugee in Lebanon. He is the only political refugee in a country … Read more

On the impact of the dollar madness … the “Walaan” summer season and travel and hotel bookings peak.

spring: dita Writer: Farah Nassour Farah Nassour wrote in An-Nahar: It is not possible to expect a promising summer – according to logical analysis – with a series of crises involving Lebanon, which continued to interact despite numerous election bets to reduce its negative effects. However, the reality in Lebanon is developing in a different … Read more