Samsung Electronics reveals a new era of life related to …

(MENAFN-Asdaa-amman) [عمان – الأردن، 15 حزيران 2022] Samsung Electronics announced the global launch of its SmartThings Home Life service, offering consumers worldwide a more comprehensive smart home experience. And in 97 countries later this June, the Samsung service, which was unveiled at this year’s Bespoke Home 2022 event, will launch in 97 countries. The service … Read more

Emirates Airlines announces a new premium economy class and expects to meet high demand :: Al-Anbat

Nabataeans – Passengers can now look forward to another premium travel experience with Emirates as the airline reveals its full premium economy offer on board and on land and announces it will open this much sought after cabin for sale from June 1, 2022. Emirates President Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said: “New class … Read more

Read Theodor Herzl’s novel: Nabateans

Nabataeans – Badia Al Nuaimi It would be better to call this book a plan or project, not a novel. An Old New Earth (The Tunnelian) is a fantasy novel by Theodor Herzl. He wrote it in 1902 and presented his vision for the future state of the Jews in the land of Palestine and … Read more

A Jordanian engineer designs an innovative home decor with wood and “resin”. mix

Aman – From the trunks and branches of dried trees, the Jordanian engineer, Al-Hussein Muhammad Al-Mahamid, was able to implement interior decorations that add life and serenity to the entire house. Resin is a chemical substance that is one of the types of rigid thermoplastic plastics. It is highly adhesive and resistant to friction and … Read more

A Jordanian woman creates fashion designs that mimic the varieties and colors of roses in a modern spirit | OVERVIEW

Aman- The love for art and the passion to delve into its details pushed the young woman, Hanin Odeh, to move the “compass” in the path of her career, from engineering to fashion design. Engineer and stylist Hanin decided to give up her job in the field of industrial engineering in a private company, and … Read more

Healthy basket..a gift that brings joy to the hearts of friends and patients | Lifestyle

Aman- A “special and unconventional gift” is a requirement that preoccupies many people when they plan to choose or present it, and is one of the beautiful and well-known ideas lately, and some are inclined to present it with the idea of ​​a “health basket”, which is attractively coordinated, which adds joy to the heart … Read more

Far from indoctrination .. Jordanian compiles interactive books and educational aids for children | OVERVIEW

Aman- With individual effort and simple materials, Jordanian Alia Mutairat was able to realize her “practical” idea of ​​designing interactive books and educational tools for children in an innovative way that captures the young man’s soul and mind. The love and passion for educating children are the two main motives behind the creation of books … Read more

Empty pocket is the main cause of psychological and physical problems. Why do doctors warn about “financial stress”?

Stress can be one of the main problems that many people suffer, due to the pressures of life and work, or even due to romantic relationships. But financial stress is also one of the most common and growing forms of stress in the world. Most adults worry about money at some point in their lives. … Read more

From hobby to professionalism .. A Jordanian embodies religious and archaeological monuments with artistic models | mix

Aman- Talent remains buried within a person until the right time for its emergence comes, and this can only be discovered in the adult stage and after much effort to achieve an old dream, as happened with the owner of fifty talent Suleiman Abu Yahya, who excelled in forming artistic models that mimicked religious and … Read more

A favorite tourist destination in Africa joins the category of “high risk” travel … What is it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added a popular African destination to its third “high risk” level of COVID-19 travel explosion. South Africa, which is famous for its stunning landscapes, wildlife, wineries and culture, was classified as the third “high risk” level for coronavirus outbreak. In … Read more