Why do digital companies invest millions in clubs and leagues?

Translated and Edited by: Noon Post over the past year; Several major clubs in various sports have signed expensive and unknown contracts at the same time. In the beginning; Barcelona has sold the rights to its famous stadium, Camp Nou, to Swedish music and podcasting giant Spotify. Since March 2021, the logo of Team Viewer, … Read more

Before investing in it .. 10 Important Information About Dogecoin Digital Currency

With the tremendous progress keeping pace with the world of the stock market and financial markets, a large number of digital currencies have begun to emerge, and the Doge digital currency is one of the digital currencies that has appeared on the scene recently, and despite its value low financial compared to other digital currencies, … Read more

Creative: The NFT business is an investment that shapes the future of the creative industries

Officials, creators and art curators describe works of art based on irreplaceable symbols as the future of the creative industries, as they produced new types of works of art and a new segment of collectors and interested persons, emphasizing that they changed the concepts of galleries. artit. from realism to digital virtual space.. They claimed … Read more