On International Pasta Day, learn the difference between pasta and pasta

Macron or Macaron?The difference remains between what is American and what is French, it is understandable to feel confused because both pasta and pasta describe a delicious baked dessert and the words sound almost the same, although Pasta grows by an “o” more than the word. Macaron, but this lowercase letter makes a big difference … Read more

10 dishes in Italy that you should eat at least once in a lifetime

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of going to Italy is Italian cuisine, followed later by everything that is beautiful in this country. Italian cuisine has captured the hearts and minds of young and old alike around the world. What if, after the Italian … Read more

The most delicious pans in the world. Learn about ten of them

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – It is difficult to resist the craving for fried foods, the discovery of which dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that people have enjoyed fried dough and other flavors since the ancient Mesopotamians began to fry. There are many fried foods in the world that the eye … Read more

The answer may surprise you .. What has Germany got to do with the origin of American burgers?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Whether you are in the United States or the other half of the globe when you want an American meal, your first choice is likely to be a burger. And burgers began to spread widely in the United States just about a century ago. Few hamburger meals from this … Read more

Eating dog food while searching for lost colleagues! The explorer who survived two harsh Arctic winters

In 1909, the Danish explorer Ignar Mikkelsen set out on a mission to retrieve the lost maps and diaries of a previous expedition to the northeastern coast of the island of Greenland. He returned to his homeland. In 1891, Arctic explorer Robert Edwin Peary drew a sketch of Greenland’s east coast, drawing a canal separating … Read more

When people eat dogs, cats and human flesh .. “Al-Shadda Al-Mustansiriya” a famine that devastated Egypt for 7 years

Imagine that the sea and land trade passages are closed, and the streets and markets are deserted, and people dare not wander in them for fear of their lives, especially since there are so many hungry people holding hooks and hooks in their homes. to grab passers-by from the roofs and swallow them because of … Read more

Cooking and writing … Literature tables filled with food and stories

The novels are based on food as if it were one of his characters, creating events and escalating the rhythm with the smells, tastes and colors of the food, even if you enjoyed them while reading, and there is absolutely no mention of food and cooking in other works. Food is included in the other … Read more