What are the winning models for the Crystal Cabin Aircraft Design Award?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A design for “floating” aircraft furniture and a cabin concept that provides each passenger with their own refrigerator has won this year’s Crystal Cabin Award. The winning concepts of the prestigious aviation design awards, which highlight innovation and creativity in aircraft interior designs, were announced during a ceremony held … Read more

Two-level cockpit seats..a design that could revolutionize the aviation world

Dubai, UAE (CNN) – Flying in an economy class cabin over long distances can be stressful, but an airline seat designer believes its design could revolutionize budget travel. The “Chaise Longue” aircraft seat concept, conceived by Alejandro Nunez Vicente, began to be implemented on a small scale last year, as part of a university project, … Read more

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Janan and Joel Thomas: We are better together

#dekor Ghania Azam today Knowledge with knowledge and accumulation of experiences are factors that make success and if we add to the combined efforts of the two creative sisters in the field of architecture, interior and lighting systems; Successes multiply and business pays off. Jenan Waheed Touma and Joel Waheed Touma, the two righteous Aleppo … Read more

Gazeta Riad | KAUST meets the requirements for leadership in energy and environmental designs

The “Smart Home” project reaches the platinum degree of the global system (LEED) KAUST meets the requirements for leadership in energy and environmental designs King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), as one of the leading research centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, continues to push the boundaries of innovation and transfer them … Read more

Will solar-powered ships save the planet from carbon dioxide emissions?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Gunter Pauli was surprised by the silence aboard the solar-powered MS Purima in the first days of its voyage. In an interview with CNN, the Belgian businessman and economist said that “when you do not have a running engine, silence reigns. You are possessed by a real feeling of … Read more

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Heba Al-Habashi: There is a lot of room for innovation in the UAE

#modern designs Ghania Azam March 20, 2022 Before founding her company, Clicktic Furniture, Heba Al-Habashi gained more than ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and founding the company, which she gained through her work with the most renowned international companies specializing in technology and venture capital companies. Al-Habashi holds a degree from Harvard University in … Read more

Amazing stories about the oldest symbolic logos in the world .. What are they?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The oldest trademark registered in the United States dates back to the 1870s, for paint manufacturer Averill. In the background is the American city of Chicago and an image of an eagle holding a brush in its beak. The sign reads “Stable, beautiful, economical”. Five years later, the English … Read more