The journey of two Palestinian brothers from the production of prosthetic equipment to orthopedic animals

The journey of two Palestinian brothers from the production of prosthetic equipment to orthopedic animals

As Muhammad al-Khalidi was preparing a handkerchief for a person with a broken arm, he was surprised by the sound of voices calling to him: “Come doctor, look at the case, save the doctor. A week has passed and he can. ‘Walk.” What he has on hand and faster to save and orthopedic fracture. But … Read more

Residents of devastated villages in Kharkiv fear return despite Russian withdrawal

Denis Kuzmenko decides to run away from home with his family [المكونة من زوجته الشابة وابنته المراهقة] After seeing a young mother taking refuge in a school during the airstrikes, when a Russian soldier dragged her with the intent to rape her. Denis is one of many Ukrainian men who decided to evict their wives … Read more

Hani Nadim: I’m not happy with more than half of my hair published

Hani Nadim: I’m not happy with more than half of my hair published The Syrian poet follows Monica Bellucci in search of the herb of immortality Wednesday – 17 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 18 May 2022 AD Case no. [ 15877] Hani Nadim Cairo: Rasha Ahmed According to the Syrian poet Hani Nadim, the poem … Read more

Alex Saab … The man of “Hezbollah” on three continents

Venezuelan businessman Alex Saab, or Ali Hassan Saab, or “Rasheed,” began his career with Hezbollah in 1996, and on May 13, New York Southern District Attorney Damian Williams announced his sentence after a trial. which lasted for a period of time.Two weeks. A jury found that he had received military training from Hezbollah, observing and … Read more

Forest Whitaker: Each role brings me no challenge

Forest Whitaker: Each role brings me no challenge Cannes celebrates in her new session Tuesday – 16 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 17 May 2022 AD Case no. [ 15876] > The announcement of African-American actor Forest Whitaker’s holiday was a wonderful surprise in itself, reflecting the desire to redirect attention to actor soldiers, who insist … Read more

Animal rights in the Arab world, a social luxury or a necessity?

Between its view as a social luxury and a tradition for Western societies, animal rights organizations in our Arab world suffer from the dominance of a dominant social culture that does not value animals, does not prioritize their rights, and sometimes makes humor. of activists working in the field. Despite the connection of the animal … Read more

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter raises speculation about the future of communication platforms

The news of the acquisition of the famous Twitter platform “Twitter” by American billionaire Elon Musk is still attracting the attention of experts, followers of the digital media market and social media platforms, as the conclusion of the agreement includes the impact on the future of these platforms, the way governance and organization of their … Read more

“Molecular food” … An experiment to combine Egyptian and Italian cuisine

Molecular dishes have become a favorite in delicious restaurants, where modern foodies can enjoy excellent taste and elegance. Part of this fun was discovered by Saeed Saad, chief executive of the Atlantic Hotel and Lapscaria restaurant in Alassio, Savona province on the west coast of Liguria, who not only did but also worked. on the … Read more

Elon Musk … a billionaire aspires to change life on planet Earth

His acquisition of Twitter could pave the way for a third revolution in the virtual world Elon Musk probably did not need to buy Twitter so that the press, public opinion and the whole world would be preoccupied with the news of this eccentric billionaire. He is an active user of this most politically known … Read more

Razan Al-Sous … From the pharmacy to the cheese production

A Syrian refugee “gains Cyprus” by doing hallumi in northern England One of the readings that fascinates me the most is the success stories, especially the Arabic ones, which turn into a rich material that floods the local and international media. One of the wonderful stories filled with creativity is the story of Razan Al-Sous, … Read more