Who cooks the Luna Cub restaurant?

According to news from Damascus two days ago, Luna Al-Shibl, “special adviser to the Presidency of the Republic”, opened her own restaurant, which is the first Russian restaurant in Damascus. The restaurant is located on the Mazzeh highway “Building Helicopters!”, A neighborhood that is known as very expensive and this is evidenced by what was … Read more

Putin’s Blitzkrieg, ends his regime?

Putin’s war on Ukraine, which he wanted as a “Blitzkrieg” war, experts believe will not end soon, but may last for years to come. And before it exploded, retired Russian politicians, analysts, and generals (Alexander Ivashov and his colleagues at a rally of Russian officers) warned that this war would have dire consequences, over which … Read more

In his land, Christ bled his pain

In the poem “The Convoy of Loss,” Badr Shakir al-Sayyab calls out Palestine and evokes the image of the crucified wounded: the flood, so that neither side nor the forehead bleeds, except as thick as clay, from which refugee houses were built. ”The Iraqi poet combines the situation of Christ crucified with the situation of … Read more