Middle Eastern chef Olcay: Dancing in the kitchen relieves my stress!

He is a Middle Eastern chef, as he likes to be called; Combining in its cuisine the cuisines of 21 countries that lie on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it offers it with a variety of appetizers, pastas, pies, main dishes and cakes … full of artistic sense, which it shares. with restaurant “Jaffa”; … Read more

Bahraini Chief Nader Qanati: Cleanliness and order are the most important factors in our profession

in the village of Abu Kuwah in Bahrain; Where you feel the authentic village, there the image of a chef waits for you like the logo of a restaurant and you are surprised by a handsome young man, the chef himself, standing at the door and welcoming customers; Where it takes young people to the … Read more

Emirates Chief Hend Al Raisi: I’m fascinated by programs that make everyone love cooking

She considers herself from the good generation, as she is a painter and interior designer who does not like modern technology, the love for drawing is inherited from her father and uncles, but the passion for cooking goes to her Bahraini mother’s family. gourmets discover the ingredients of every recipe after trying whatever it’s. searched … Read more

Moroccan chef Asia Othman: Tastes of Moroccan cuisine The rhythms of a violin

A woman who came from France to the Emirates, where the renaissance of empowerment of women from the Emirates was at its peak, found herself nothing but cooking, which was her hobby that gave joy to the soul.The idea of ​​arranging food. She is the Moroccan boss Asia Othman, who seeks to shine under the … Read more

Emirates Chef Musabeh Al Kaabi: I love “Al-Salief” while cooking

He is the first chef from the Emirates, his passion started when his society considered cooking for men as a big defect, the prevailing concept is that the kitchen is for women … Chef Musabah Al Kaabi, who was remembered by us when he met him in the local newspapers, that he was the first … Read more