Why is Dubai the most suitable headquarters for cryptocurrency companies?

Recently, billions of dollars have been spent on crypto-digital products in the 3-character market, NFT. It is short for immutable tokens or non-exchangeable crypto-tokens that use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. Many NFT symbols come in the form of images, videos or audio materials under the name “digital art”. The most famous of these transactions … Read more

My start in the trade was random and unplanned

Businesswoman Afnan Al-Zayani stressed that dialogue is a civilized method that must be maintained, regardless of the degree of difference, expressing hope that everyone will cooperate in spreading the message of peace, dialogue and humanity, instead of wasting energy in wars and conflicts. , and to rise to be human, because certificates are of no … Read more

Eng. Tariq Al-Zaharneh: I aim to achieve a contemporary architectural language in the region

In a conversation with engineer Tariq Al-Zaharneh, he immersed himself in the philosophy of architecture, which translates human needs, enriches values ​​and behaviors, and invests in life, according to him. Zaharna, of Palestinian origin and Luxembourg identity, aims to achieve a contemporary architectural language in the region.In the following dialogue he writes with “Madam”, he … Read more

Why will the market for non-exchangeable arguments collapse?

Patrick Reinmueller and Karl Schmiders In March 2021, auction house Christie sold a JPEG file created by artist Pebble for $ 69.3 million, an unprecedented record for any digital artwork. Ownership of the “original” file – titled “Every day: the first 5000 days” – was secured as a fixed “NFT” mark. This sale made headlines, … Read more

The color blue suits many movements .. The design of children’s bedrooms affects their psyche | Lifestyle

There is a strong connection between the design of the children’s bedroom decoration and the psychological aspect, as the interior decoration reflects an aspect of their personality and psyche, as the child has to participate in the design of his room in order for it to becomes a creative painting. These rooms have been transformed … Read more

Works by adopting the irreplaceable symbol technique at Alserkal Arts Week

The Al Serkal Art Foundation seeks to stimulate the local fine arts sector and celebrate its symbols of contemporary experimental artists by organizing Al Serkal Art Week from 3 to 13 March. The week is filled with a group of the most important art exhibitions and the most prominent artists, including more than 20 art … Read more

“Tinder for sex traffickers” .. UN warns of a platform to identify Ukrainian refugees

“Relying on our mental abilities to defeat the Russians is not enough to fight with our current fighters,” complains the young Ukrainian pilot, who identified himself as “Joss”, about the huge difference between the two sides’ skills in fighting in sky. Gus, 29, is one of the pilots who helped Ukraine achieve the biggest surprise … Read more

Give the dining room an elegant and modern touch with the most beautiful wallpaper patterns 2022 | OVERVIEW

Interior designer Hala Al-Mosili: Wallpaper replaces the usual paint in dining rooms with its innovative designs and colors that whet the appetite. Beirut It is preferred that the dining rooms be airy and sparkling, and some simple touches can be added to the room to renew its appearance. Wallpaper is a great way to add … Read more

Creative: The NFT business is an investment that shapes the future of the creative industries

Officials, creators and art curators describe works of art based on irreplaceable symbols as the future of the creative industries, as they produced new types of works of art and a new segment of collectors and interested persons, emphasizing that they changed the concepts of galleries. artit. from realism to digital virtual space.. They claimed … Read more