Previously Shakira and Pique are beautiful women who betrayed the ball of celebrities! ..

Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Written by Salma Al-Jubouri: Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Agencies Footballers are drowning in the happiness of fame and luxury, especially the front-row stars, who enjoy a social reception that touches on the status of war heroes, they used their influence in actions and behavior contrary to the simplest rules of etiquette. … Read more

Find out what the month of birth says about your love life

The characteristics of each sign are in fact part of the truth and help us to understand the person before us and to know how to treat him according to the characteristics of his sign. Your most important qualities as a girlfriend. Your love life since the month of birth: January 1: If you were … Read more

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Personality Disorders .. Types, Causes and Methods of Treatment

# Psychological Health Zahrat Al Khaleej – Jordan today It is known that personality disorders are a kind of mental disorder to some extent, and the sufferer releases a pattern of fanatical thinking and behavior and the person suffering from these disorders finds problems in his relationships and life tasks, and the sufferer usually does. … Read more

Lebanon bans an animated film because of a lesbian kiss … Ignorance continues and expands

This article is part of Spectrum 22, a project dedicated to shedding light on gender, gender and physical diversity and differences in the Middle East and North Africa, in which male and female journalists, activists and members of the LGBT community or their supporters participate, to be a space for free expression of various topics … Read more

Zahrat Al Khaleej – What do you know about dysphoria … and ways to treat it?

# Psychological Health Zahrat Al Khaleej – Jordan today Dysthymia is a mild form of depression, but it is long-term, and the symptoms usually last for at least two years, and often last longer than that, and dysthymia can interfere with the ability to work and enjoy life, according to the medical website Healthline. .When … Read more

This is how he lived after the death of his mother and gave up royal life and his brother for Megan Markle

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, whose full name is Henry Charles Albert David. Born September 15, 1984, he is a member of the British royal family, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, the son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana and the sixth heir to the British throne. Prince Harry was appointed guardian of Wales from … Read more