“A catastrophic situation” .. Germany is trying to get rid of Russian energy quickly

In the weeks following the Russian occupation of Ukraine on February 24, Germany spent billions of taxpayers’ money to reduce its dependence on Russian energy and take control of Moscow’s energy assets, as well as change laws to speed up the supply of supplies. new international. The Wall Street Journal said the result of a … Read more

Your destiny today .. Horoscope predictions for Thursday 19-05-2022

Hamdi Abdullah – Cairo Wednesday, 18 May 2022 09:28 – Your fate today, Dashi, Thursday 19-05-2022 Professionally: You are in a meeting with unexpected financial opportunities and this day may indicate the opening of a major project Emotionally: If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces, your destiny can be complete … Read more

How did ‘relationship’ drive me crazy while meditating? The novel “Your Love Darbani” and Tales of Attachment

I re-read the novel “Your Love Darbani” by the pioneer of the Tunisian novel, Bashir Khrayef (1917-1983), after going through a psychological crisis, after the failure of a romantic relationship, which made me read the news in the psychology of relationships. I was impressed by the intuitive and keen conscience of the novel in this … Read more

Forest Whitaker: Each role brings me no challenge

Forest Whitaker: Each role brings me no challenge Cannes celebrates in her new session Tuesday – 16 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 17 May 2022 AD Case no. [ 15876] > The announcement of African-American actor Forest Whitaker’s holiday was a wonderful surprise in itself, reflecting the desire to redirect attention to actor soldiers, who insist … Read more

Relaxing relationships and seeking security in liquid times

In a conversation that brought me together with a friend about the emotional relationships in our lives, he told me that he does not seek relationships that lead to a formal engagement (marriage), and that specifically at this period of his life he seeks an easy relationship without obligations, burden of responsibilities and without feelings … Read more

Dealing with the Negative Husband and Changing the Negative Husband | I want a solution Saraya News Agency

Saraya – Dealing with negative people is very annoying, as the negative person is always desperate and tense, and transmits the negativity to others around him, thus affecting close people in all aspects, even in the routine of home among family members. , whether at work between colleagues. , and this effect is very Clearly … Read more

Why do so many romantic relationships collapse on “Valentine’s Day”? .. Answers a psychological analysis

Why do so many romantic relationships collapse on “Valentine’s Day”? .. Answers a psychological analysis Offers and discounts, shops covered in red and paid advertising appear on your accounts on social media platforms, restaurants that need advance bookings and others that a few weeks ago were filled with bookings for this day. Video with innovative … Read more