Web 3.0 Investments Will Increase Its Global Value to $ 41.98 Billion by 2028

The advent of the Internet led to the emergence of the most important technological revolution known to mankind, which is the Internet that broke down geographical barriers and made access to information faster and easier and connected users in ways that were previously unimaginable, until the world reached the new internet revolution known as Web … Read more

Reem Al-Faisal: I will create a private museum for my works in Metaverse

The Saudi photographer participated in the first exhibition of Arab art in the virtual world and witnessed a request to purchase her works in “NFT” format. A state of digital activity reflected on the Instagram page of the Saudi photographer, Princess Reem Al-Faisal, where she invited her followers two weeks ago to participate in the … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | The “shadow economy” wastes the efforts of monetary policymakers

A parallel investment sector outside the formal economy hinders efforts to control inflation ratesCryptocurrencies, “NFT” and digital content are investment tools that have restored the balance of money and reshaped ownership, investment and assetsIt achieves significant financial returns, maximizes purchasing power and high interest temptations are unable to do so and are ignored by central … Read more

Unchanged in the operation of Blockchain Games After funding of $ 200 million – Yalla Match

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the gaming industry has been quick to adopt it. Cryptocurrencies and the NFT paved the way for a new form of gambling economies where assets have real world value. Players who have spent hours upgrading their characters and grinding rare items now have more incentive to do so than … Read more

Arab artists gain NFT arguments

The immutable NFT signs became popular recently as many celebrities and artists expressed their union in this wild development through their use of NFT arguments that enabled them to have an amazing revolution. Let’s get acquainted with the list of celebrities who use NFT tokens. Child Ahmed, winner of $ 400,000 Ahmed Arabi, a London … Read more

Why do digital companies invest millions in clubs and leagues?

Translated and Edited by: Noon Post over the past year; Several major clubs in various sports have signed expensive and unknown contracts at the same time. In the beginning; Barcelona has sold the rights to its famous stadium, Camp Nou, to Swedish music and podcasting giant Spotify. Since March 2021, the logo of Team Viewer, … Read more

Young Lebanese artists dive into ‘NFT’ to challenge odds … Important tips for beginners

Ahmed Bagdadi The term “NFT” has become popular in recent months, and has become the watch verb in the tech world. From the conversion of the first tweet in the Twitter app to “NFT” and its sale for a value of 2.9 million dollars, to the launch of large trading companies from “Adidas” to “Lambergin”, … Read more

Jobs required in the world of ‘Metaverse’ … the form of business has changed

Metaverse paints the technology of the future by transforming the experience of real-life scenarios into a virtual world, where people experience the “sense of being” (through the powers of augmented reality and virtual reality), and where they can move freely and interact with the others. Therefore, this experience will have implications for the future of … Read more