Residents of devastated villages in Kharkiv fear return despite Russian withdrawal

Denis Kuzmenko decides to run away from home with his family [المكونة من زوجته الشابة وابنته المراهقة] After seeing a young mother taking refuge in a school during the airstrikes, when a Russian soldier dragged her with the intent to rape her. Denis is one of many Ukrainian men who decided to evict their wives … Read more

“Environmental Education” documents the Arab wolf in the picture in the wildlife of Palestine

Madar News Researchers at the Center for Environmental Education / Lutheran Evangelical Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, along with a group of wildlife photographers and documentarians, were able to document the rare Arab wolf in pictures in Palestine a few days ago, in addition to a number of hyenas. , jackals, foxes, rabbits … Read more

What are the most prominent campaigns conducted by Gulf countries to curb stray dogs?

What is the prevalence of stray dogs in Gulf countries? The Gulf press is talking about its spread in some regions. It targets children and women and can cause casualties. – What are the most prominent ways to cope with the phenomenon of stray dogs? Field activities and setting up of their shelters. The phenomenon … Read more

Hani Nadim: I’m not happy with more than half of my hair published

Hani Nadim: I’m not happy with more than half of my hair published The Syrian poet follows Monica Bellucci in search of the herb of immortality Wednesday – 17 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 18 May 2022 AD Case no. [ 15877] Hani Nadim Cairo: Rasha Ahmed According to the Syrian poet Hani Nadim, the poem … Read more

Samih Al-Kasim .. He remained “righteous” in the homeland despite the occupation

Samih al-Qasim, is one of the five pillars of resistance resistance poetry in Palestine, preceded by Tawfiq Ziyad, Rashid Hussein and Salem Gibran, and with his friend Mahmoud Darwish, he formed the most famous duo in Palestinian poetry. And the issue was not without permanent comparisons, so they became two separate and complementary combined options … Read more

Alex Saab … The man of “Hezbollah” on three continents

Venezuelan businessman Alex Saab, or Ali Hassan Saab, or “Rasheed,” began his career with Hezbollah in 1996, and on May 13, New York Southern District Attorney Damian Williams announced his sentence after a trial. which lasted for a period of time.Two weeks. A jury found that he had received military training from Hezbollah, observing and … Read more