Breeders wait for puppy ears to keep up with social media

Our readers are Telegram users You can now follow the latest news for free through the Telegram appClick here to subscribe A BBC investigation has revealed that dog breeders’ networks are offering to mutilate puppies by cutting off their ears to continue spreading on social media. Mutilation involves thinning or ‘cutting’ the ears and removing … Read more

special | We publish the scenes of the trial of the “Butcher of Upper Egypt” after we referred his letters to the Mufti.

Today, Monday, Nagaa Hammadi Criminal Court handed down its verdict on the most heinous crime in Qena province in the past, after a housewife got rid of her three children and tried to kill her husband, poisoning the liquid, with the help and her love. The accused, known as the “Upper Egypt butcher”, dressed in … Read more

Emirates Falconers Club is preparing to host the largest hunting exhibition in the Middle East and Africa

T + T – normal size Auction of hawks, horses and camels, riding and shooting shows of all kinds, competitions for the most beautiful hawks bred in captivity, and the Saluki auction (purebred Arabian hunting dog), in addition to educational and environmental activities, and interesting shows of for horses, birds of prey and police dogs, … Read more

Kite Beach Umm Al Quwain … a charming beach destination

Umm Al Kuwain: Muhammad Al-Mahi Kite Beach Umm Al Quwain is an ideal entertainment and sports destination for families, friends and lovers of charming landscapes, to spend wonderful time, to enjoy the sun and to contemplate the most beautiful landscapes of nature, including the moments of sunset is one of the most popular destinations in … Read more

The phenomenon of loose dogs .. Numbers are increasing in Baghdad »Iraqi News Agency

Baghdad – I’m aware – Hendrine Makki Many citizens in Baghdad province, especially children in primary schools, suffer from the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs on the streets and streets, as well as their spread in residential shops and near official departments, camps and others.. Loose dogs pose a risk to the lives … Read more

Gazeta Riad | Municipal violations and fines drive investors and enterprises out of the market

A request to expedite the implementation of public transport bus lane projects in accordance with the royal directive Municipal violations and fines drive investors and enterprises out of the market Calls to speed up the operation of public transport buses The list of fines and penalties for municipal violations contributed to the exclusion of many … Read more

Police Dog Unit..Continuous efforts and achievements in maintaining security

Has received an international accreditation certificate from the Highfield Organization in the United Kingdom Qualification of unit personnel to perform their safety task and cooperation with experienced and qualified trainers A study of human impact tracking by sniffer dogs in a desert climate The Police Dog Unit at the Special Security Force Command plays an … Read more