Transmitting sunlight to the water sign of Crab


Important astronomical news: transmitting sunlight to the water sign of Crab:

Effect of Sun Crossing on the Water Sign of Cancer:
* Sunlight (largest yoke) moves towards Crab on June 21 and continues on July 22. The sun, which represents ambition, desires, creativity, will and the way we discover and understand ourselves, as authority means and official organs, is located in the sign of Crab Water, which represents the roots, the past, parents and childhood and who thinks with the senses and not with his mind Reality lives under the slogan “I feel.” The sun clearly shows this, and it is a fiery, masculine planet. unlike Crab, which is watery and feminine.Therefore the Crab Sun impresses man with a kind of motherly tenderness and feelings of compassion and perhaps unrealism, but stimulates communication with family and return to homeland and roots. the house and the elderly are added. Age. On the one hand is the real estate business and construction activity. The chances are for each of the water and earth towers and all the towers also:

The sun is the main ruler of your first and most important astrological is in Crab, so your status will increase and your self-realization will increase, and when the sun is in Crab for a month, it means that you will take care of your family relationships and your roots, and there are surprising financial developments as the situation gives you a great opportunity in professional terms, your assets grow and find solutions to unresolved issues as a problem within your family. Personally, you will look peaceful, friendly, attentive to the feelings of others, and altruism will prevail over you. You tend to be private in your emotional relationship.

Specifically, Crab Sun will make you very skilled in social communication and evidence-based speech, so draw attention with your words and writings, as you show clear vitality and great positivity by overcoming difficulties and achieving a harmonious great in your personal relationships. Mercurials and loves change in everything, so you need to use your great tend to read in general, learn and multiply social relationships and friendships .. Financial and emotional assets that peak in the coming weeks.

The sun will be in Cancer, the astrological house of money, Gemini, which means that there are many financial and material benefits that you will receive. project or association or participatory is important that there is a period of liquidity..You have stable and special principles Love for intimacy and secrecy over your life and property .. you build fruitful relationships and you are a person capable of arranging things and you are very interested in connection and stability and you have the opportunity to get married if you are single..the next period is better financially ..

This period is important for you with the presence of the sun, and it is your season and your solar return. This gives you obvious personal qualities like: strength of character, more sense of security .. you tend to change everything, take care. for your appearance and take care of those you love .. you will feel great self-confidence and capable of being very honest. with the presence of the sun will be special, unlike any other, and endowed with a competitive spirit. The possibilities are in all aspects. It is enough to pay attention to what does not match your feelings and intuition. The period is considered the most financially good and the discoveries have been waiting for months, so to speak ..

With the Crab Sun in your twelfth astrological home, your personality may tend to be shy and somewhat introverted. Avoid a noisy life and be a calm, poetic person. You just have to not anticipate things and stay away from negative thoughts. .especially pessimism, pay attention to health and try to do some internal examinations..You have solutions to issues It is important and if you work you prefer or rather manage to work behind the scenes .. You are strengthened by the love of meditation and deep immersion in issues. Leo single has a new emotional relationship for which you will be sober and will live it secretly ..

Crab Sun is the location for you and these developments are convenient as you will be freed a lot from the constraints and obligations and you will feel safe and secure. you look very tolerant .. you like to achieve justice and equality .. you are very interested in friendship .. stay away from extremism and show that you are an educated person with deep knowledge and intellectual openness that you share with others ..

The Sun is in the most important astrological house and is the tenth of the sign of Crab, which represents your ambitions, aspirations and personal projects, so you are more powerful, confident and your personality is stubborn and intelligent, but you can become more dependent and distribute roles to others as you wish .. You are eccentric, you do not obey orders, your sense of success and ambition grows and you can strengthen your talent.

The presence of the sun in Crab in the location of the trinity for you, so you will be a person with intuition and a person with high physiognomy, and your chances are full and very pleasant surprises can happen..Personally you will increase sophistication and love of knowledge..Curiosity motivates you to travel far, whether physical or moral, growing your culture and renewing your life .. He sees you People are brave, positive and honest. They do not hesitate to do nothing. Loving science and different cultures, quick to adapt, passionate, ambitious and educated. Your financial and emotional wealth will grow.

Significant period with the presence of the largest yoke of the Sun in the sign of you receive money without fatigue, as the money of others and from the emotional partner, spouse or others, as inheritance, gifts from parents. , or a sudden gain, as it is in the best emotional period..Personally, you have characteristics such as extremism in opinion and exaggeration With everything bold, stubborn, combative and provocative, you like to attack the unknown and do not trust anyone. .Your chances are very good materially and emotionally ..

The Sun’s biggest choice is Cancer, so you will have excellent opportunities for marriage as well as to connect with such a job as a fixed job. Just beware of a cheating partner emotionally or professionally, especially if the connection is new. A new contract, work or engagement and others, but you hate to be alone, so be careful of relationships .. Astrological circumstances bring you unexpected and unexpected changes, especially in emotional and material terms, in the last week of June and the first and second. July week ..

The sun is in the sign of Cancer, so you will have a more accurate view of things and you will be a critical person and free from addictions .. you tend to take care of your health and it is a suitable period for recovery .. work. difficult and seek perfection, but become more sensitive and harsh with yourself sometimes .. You restore friendships from the past..Your financial situation is better, as a critical crisis ends if there is such a financial difficulty .. Emotionally can to be You are more prone to friendship and may not care about the outside relationship, but you know what to do and how to direct your feelings.

With the Sun of Crab, who is your ally, you will become a person who likes to be shown and tries to be shown in every way .. I mean you seek the center of attention without getting bored and you are a special dramatic person who loves you is run and you will get benefits you may not expect .. You look for a lot of relationships, especially friendships and work, you tend to move and be active. Your chances increase a lot and you win from gambling or suddenly and accidentally .. You have the characteristics of romance, love for life and a tendency to change ..

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