special | We publish the scenes of the trial of the “Butcher of Upper Egypt” after we referred his letters to the Mufti.

Today, Monday, Nagaa Hammadi Criminal Court handed down its verdict on the most heinous crime in Qena province in the past, after a housewife got rid of her three children and tried to kill her husband, poisoning the liquid, with the help and her love.

The accused, known as the “Upper Egypt butcher”, dressed in white, came out in court and said, “I did not kill my children, this is not what I did not do,” while her boyfriend tried to deny his involvement in Crime.

The court issued its decision referring their letters to the Chief Mufti and scheduled the next hearing for September to announce the decision.

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Al-Asheq tried to convince the court that he was the victim of his lover and that she had seduced him, with photos and videos while he was working in the administrative capital, and told her that she could not stand her husband and wanted to get rid of him, to get married, admitting that he did not kill the children, but their mother was guilty.

Defendant denied killing her children, saying: “This is not a question, and I killed my family.” She then fainted during the hearing for their decision.

Raafat Xhelal, the only survivor of the “Upper Egypt Butcher” incident, said that the decision issued by the court today, Monday, against his wife and her boyfriend, to refer their letters to the mufti, us warm the hearts, describing it. as just retribution and the taking of the right of his three children who were killed by their mother.

And Jalal continued, in statements to “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate”, saying: “My children took away the right of those who got rid of it in an ugly way”, noting that the righteous justice punished the murderers by law .

The Nagaa Hammadi Criminal Court, chaired by Councilor Tariq Yousri, and composed of councilors Ahmed Farouk Al-Ansari and Talal Abdel Hamid Radwan, and the Secretariat of Karam Al-Taher, Youssef Al-Sheikh and Osama Al-Amir, a housewife and her lover, were punished by referring their letters to the Mufti and scheduling the first session of September to announce the verdict.

The butcher of Upper Egypt, or the murderous woman, or the traitor, are the nicknames given by the inhabitants of Qena, after a housewife in the village of Kom Al-Beja of Farshout, in the province of Qena, was stripped of her feelings. she killed her children and tried to escape from her husband, poisoning the dogs, until the air cleared for them.

Her life story dates back to years ago, when she married when she was no more than 18 years old, to a railroad worker, six years older than her and of average income, they lived together and had 4 children, two sons and two daughters, of whom the eldest was 9 years old, and the youngest wished a year and two months, the only one who survived death.

Although their life in front of family and relatives was easy and there were no problems, and everyone loved the family, because of the husband’s kindness, sincerity and love for all and staying with them in all cases, but private life between them was. full of problems, especially in recent years, as the husband became suspicious after suspecting his wife, and her emotional relationship with a driver from her relatives, which has increased in intensity recently, which has added disputes between spouses.

The railroad worker confronted his wife more than once, suspecting her, but she was denying it and at that moment told her boyfriend that her husband had “discovered the secret” and maybe she and her family could there was a scandal, which. enjoys a good story.

Before the accident, a serious quarrel broke out between the wife and her husband, so she decided to take revenge on him, so she agreed with her boyfriend to leave her, so that they would not be exposed, but a dispute arose between her and her. lover, who will commit the crime, and the mechanism of their implementation.

They both thought of leaving the husband by killing him inside the house, but the wife was afraid of this, so their thought led them to remove him and the children, until the wife was left alone, until she fled. with boyfriend and married, but changed for the removal of the last daughter, until they reached an agreement to get rid of the husband and three children, two sons and two daughters, until the air is clear. for those.

After deep satanic thoughts, they came up with putting a deadly poison inside the liquid and gave it to the husband and children to get rid of, and deceived the parents and relatives that the cause of death was drinking the spoiled and expired juice.

The woman and her lover, who bought dog poison from Vaxh Bahriu, not to be exposed, agreed until the woman told her husband that her child was ill and she should take him to a pediatrician in Farshout. , and indeed. the father was afraid for his daughter and he rode the motorcycle with his wife and children All four went to Farshout.

The family arrived at the doctor’s office, at that time the woman asked her husband to go to the clinic to book a check-up at the doctor, together with her baby, and he had to wait with his three children under the clinic, and she In actually went up to the clinic, where her boyfriend was waiting for her, after buying 4 bottles of juice, injected poison into the dog and gave the juice to his mistress, who went to her husband and their children and gave the juice to drink, and I stayed with the husband while he drank juice with his children and tried to remove the juice bottles, trying to hide the signs of crime.

The woman went up to the clinic again and the boyfriend was waiting for her and then the husband called her to tell her that he and his children were in a severely tired condition. Surveillance cameras monitored her laughter as she got off the clinic after receiving the news and she boarded the motorcycle with her husband to go to the hospital and after arriving at the hospital, the three children died and the husband was transferred to Qena Hospital.

The mother tried to deceive the parents and the police that her children were drinking spoiled juice, but the vigilance of the security forces led by Colonel Dr. Qureshi Abdel Moneim, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, and Major Mustafa Al-Qadi, head of the Farshout Investigation, were able to uncover the truth and arrest the wife and the driver, who both admitted to carrying out the incident.

The wife and her boyfriend agreed, agreeing together, to get rid of the husband and children because there was an emotional relationship between them, for a while, and before the accident, they agreed on a way to get rid of the husband and children , so that the atmosphere is clear to them.

They added that they had planned together to get rid of the husband and children and reached an agreement to put the poison in containers with liquids and the boyfriend who works as a driver bought the poison and gave it to the woman, who placed it. in packages with her, and introduced to her husband and three children and Dejham, parents and relatives that the cause of death He drank expired juice from a grocery store, in an attempt to keep crime away from them, before the services of security can reveal the circumstances of the crime.

The woman and her boyfriend, before the investigation bodies and security services in Farshout, have presented their crime, resulting in the death of her 3 children and the injury of her husband in serious condition, as a result of poisoning in the case that held no. .1531 of 2021, the administration of the Farshout Police Commissariat and from the prosecution investigations revealed that the woman and the driver were in an illicit relationship with each other and had agreed to kill the husband and children.

The two defendants admitted that they committed the event and represented the crime, while the competent authorities decided to transfer the case to the Criminal Court, which convicted the accused by handing over the documents to the Mufti.

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