Reem Al-Faisal: I will create a private museum for my works in Metaverse

The Saudi photographer participated in the first exhibition of Arab art in the virtual world and witnessed a request to purchase her works in “NFT” format.

A state of digital activity reflected on the Instagram page of the Saudi photographer, Princess Reem Al-Faisal, where she invited her followers two weeks ago to participate in the experience of showing her work through meta-transitions in “NFT” format. are non-tradable lands. The NFT phenomenon is at the height of its power with artists wanting to produce works belonging to their “non-tradable” technology and selling them online, due to the ability of “Blockchain” technology to provide unique signature. and ownership, which combined contemporary art with the culture of living digital symbols Among them are the second generation of the millennium.

With the entry of international museums, galleries and artists in the field, we also witnessed an Arab entry into the field. The world of metaphysics is known to new generations through digital games, but the world of games now includes fashion and food stores, land parcels for sale and more.

Let’s go back to Arabic art, the NFT and the world of metaphysics, which organized through the (Special) platform the first Saudi art exhibition in which Reem Al-Faisal was the guest of honor. Reem Al-Faisal invited her followers to attend the virtual exhibition and was present through her avatar to welcome her visitors and exchange conversations with them. The exhibition included works by novice artists arranged in the manner of realist art exhibitions, and the exhibition included a set of photographs by Reem Al-Faisal from her pictorial collection in Mecca and Medina.

What ignited the metavers of the famous photographer? I ask her a lot of questions about her artwork in NFT format and why did she draw it into this world?

“NFT” is the natural evolution of photography and art in general, she says. Through this, she wanted to connect with an audience of a knowledgeable new generation in the digital world? Quite simply, she replies: “Actually, I had not thought of this, I just wanted to embark on a new adventure and it was clear that it introduced me to new and different audiences.” She argues that the field of non-tradable trademarks (NFT) has “real achievements worldwide”.

And every story has a beginning, a first step, and a spark, with which I return to this stage, “How was the beginning?” I ask her and she answers that she is dealing with blockchain technology (which guarantees signature and unique ownership) in general and I have an IT company and we work in this field. “Moreover, I am very fascinated by cryptocurrencies and technological developments in this field.” That led him to “NFT”, and she goes on to say: “I started to get acquainted with the non-tradable NFT symbols, I studied the truth for a year or more, just trying to get to know them and then I came up with the idea. which is an exciting and excellent medium for the arts, and not just for the arts, offers opportunities There is no limit. We do not know where he will end up. “

An Al-Faisal follower on Instagram sees photos of her business being sold on digital platforms like OpenSea (the largest virtual marketplace for NFT businesses). She points out that these works rely heavily on her well-known photographs, “I basically use my photographic works and I’m not the only one, in fact, many photographers have started in the same field. Traditional artists have also started to convert their paintings into digital works in NFT format … I have also put a group of works called Variations, which are interpretations and artistic variations on some of my photographic works. ”

For anyone who does not work in the digital field, the process of creating a work of art through blockchain technology seems complicated, but for him it was not difficult, as he states: “It is very easy, anyone can do it. , and its technology is constantly evolving. ”

How did you come up with the idea to create a digital exhibition on metavirs? She says the idea was originally given to a young Saudi man named Mohammed Al-Ahmari, who specializes in emerging technology. She says: “Mohamed Al-Ahmari called me to do a digital art exhibition which will be the first show in” NFT “format. He saw my work and asked to be the guest of honor and of course I wanted to encourage the band, “It was also a new experience for me. We talked and he told me how much work he wanted to show and he gave me a private space and I set my work to the size I wanted.” In addition to her participation in the group exhibition of emerging Saudi artists, Al-Ahmari created a digital model for the space of a private gallery for Al-Faisal A digital museum of my work featuring works executed on the NFT method.

I ask her if the expected museum will be a guest on one of the existing digital platforms and she says it will be displayed within the platform, which allocates space for digital museums and if her ambition is beyond that, “I will gradually I will build my platform in Metaverse, but it will take years, but we have already started working. ” She believes that this step will give her and the artists also great freedom to display their work, “This will open the door to many possibilities. The artist will not be under the management of a specific gallery or under the control of a museum, so that the viewer can visit any exhibition in the world at any time.

In a way, the future perception of museum art performances seems free and free from realistic frameworks, even for the artistic community, as Reem Al-Faisal says: “The NFT community” is different from the real-world art community. , which can describe much of it as metaphysical and academic. I see NFT as a revolution in a way, it will shake the foundations of building institutional art around the artistic world, even if the works presented at the beginning would be bad or worthless by people who are not artists. and are addressed only to the field. to raise money, but over time there will be a new construction of world-class technician around the world.

What is the effect of the first experience? She says she has received a lot of encouragement “whether the participants are artists, photographers or even buyers, there is a lot of encouragement”.

As a photographer accustomed to capturing the details of reality through the lenses of her camera, what was perhaps the experience of appearing in the virtual world from a visual point of view and confronting the audience through an “avatar” holding its image. She responds: “There is no need to put your picture in the avatar, not even to use the microphone, for me I did not want to put my picture in the avatar but I had conversations between me and the gallery visitors. It was really interesting with people I did not meet in the real world, but I met in the meta-space, I spoke in my own voice through the microphone. “

What are your expectations? I ask her if art in NFT format is a fad that will end soon, but she sees that the virtual world “will be like everything else, it will be imposed over time, which happens in the world, not a fad that will to disappear. ”

The conversation leads us to the strong entry of international institutions in the field of “NFT” and the transfer of works of great international artists to “NFT” to follow the wave of art auctions for those works. She wears a collector’s hat and says: “I have not started private yet, because the works I want are very expensive … I will buy whatever I want, whether from international artists or even NFT artists. “

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