Previously Shakira and Pique are beautiful women who betrayed the ball of celebrities! ..

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Footballers are drowning in the happiness of fame and luxury, especially the front-row stars, who enjoy a social reception that touches on the status of war heroes, they used their influence in actions and behavior contrary to the simplest rules of etiquette. The most popular in the new millennium are the cases of adultery, which receive great attention from the yellow press. international. singer Shakira.

deceptive love

The love story of the handsome Catalan and his Colombian victim began more than 10 years ago, especially after the widespread release of the song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa “Waka Waka”, and at that time Pique took the initiative, with a special message for Shakira, trying to ask about the nature of the climate in the host country of the World Cup, Contrary to his expectations, that the famous artist would ignore his message, he was surprised by her elegant response , with everything. became history, starting with the fall of love at first sight in the homeland of “Bafana Bafana”, going through the official announcement of engagement immediately after the World Cup, and then holding the responsibility of two children over the years. was one of the proverbial love stories of success and understanding, under the classic slogans “age does not affect relationships and companionship”, and what reinforced this belief, the way Pique expressed his love for the beautiful woman of Lebanese and Italian descent , similar to his celebration On her 40th birthday, she brought three of her childhood friends and her mother to the Montserrat Bernabeu in a country house on the outskirts of the Spanish city of Girona, surrounded by more gardens. February 2, the same day he celebrated his 30th Birthday and other emotional situations and moments, which made the couple Pique and Shakira one of the most famous and successful romantic relationships for celebrities in the last decade, before the ax fell on his head, exposing his betrayal of the artist with a model in his twenties. which caused the end of the supposed love story, up to the desire of the mother of his two children, for her inability to digest betrayal, like some of the wives and girlfriends of famous football characters, who refused to continue the lives of unbelievers. partner.

Victims of sexual obsession

Before Shakira, the lovely British media and model, Sherrill Tweedy, fell victim to infidelity and betrayal by her ex-husband Ashley Cole, and this happened at the height of the moments of his professional career, when he was ranked among the best. in his position as left-back between 2006 and 2010, according to When British newspapers reported that the newspapers bombed “The Guardian” and “Sun”, and then the latest novel by “Mirror”, what the former English representative did, has been a big shock for the singer of the “Girls Aloud” team, because he is not satisfied with her betrayal with a girl or another woman, but for his suspicious behavior, having group sex parties with a group prostitutes, as it were. seen in leaked photos, which spread like wildfire in 2010, to pay an expensive tax, from separation from his lovely partner, after just two years of formal engagement, despite attempts at sympathy he made with her, with the hope that Cheryl would drop the divorce case, which was settled in 2010. Likewise, Claire Merry, Thierry Henry’s first wife, could not stand the repeated incidents of infidelity as she gave up on for the first time in 2011, when he turned a blind eye to rumors that he was committing adultery with more than one girl During his advertising campaigns for Renault and Nike, but with the advent of 2007, things got worse than ever, as I found dating messages with another woman. Millions of pounds.

The most famous stories

The most memorable story remains the one whose hero was England captain John Terry in 2010, when he revealed his double betrayal of his former Chelsea team-mate and teammate Wayne Bridge, and his wife Tony, having sex with Vanessa, before splitting from left-back Bridge, and though at the time it was the word of the day and developments reached the point of removing the leadership symbol, the desperate wife decided to give the father of both her children. a last chance, like a passing fad and would not be repeated again, and it seems to have happened, with proof that things are going well between them so far, just as his teammate Wayne Rooney escaped twice, the first when he. was involved in a relationship with a 48-year-old grandmother, before his formal marriage to childhood girlfriend Colin in 2004, and the other when paparazzi lenses caught him in profane situations with three girls in 2010, however, Colin withdrew the idea. of divorce and separation, in exchange for agreed terms, and so far there are indications that the former golden boy, has not violated these terms, and the wife of Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, is also drunk from grief . of betrayal, after revelation His illegitimate relationship with his brother’s wife, Natasha Giggs, which lasted for about eight years and what is shocking to public opinion, was his wife’s willingness to reconcile with the Red Devils leader in 2011, had it not been for the exposure of his second scandal with a TV star in the same period.

Double betrayal and scandal

And as you condemn, this proverb applies to the most famous case of mutual betrayal between the woman and the prominent star, and to talk about the controversial lawyer Wanda Nara, who twice betrayed her first husband, Max Lopez , combining it with his friend. in the Argentine national team Mauro Icardi, and then splitting from him, to marry a striker.The former Inter and the current Paris Saint-Germain, as part of her dreams and ambitions, bring out celebrities playing in the newspapers and sports programs, thanks to her work as an agent for her husband’s business in his greatest moments in his professional career. Years later, I drank from the same cup after Icardi was caught in a shocking relationship, as a result of which she asked for separation last October and then withdrew with an emotional letter, in response to Icardi’s prayer for forgiveness . and start a new page with it. As for the strangest sex scandal, its hero was Ronaldo, the phenomenon when he was deceived by three transgender people who tried to blackmail him to get hundreds of thousands, in exchange for hiding what happened, but as he did not agreed to bargain, they. started a lawsuit against him, which ended with major damage to the legend’s reputation in 2008 and worst of all, he terminated his engagement to the beautiful Maria Beatriz. In Ronaldo’s biography, Cristiano was also not spared from rumors of scandals and betrayal of his other half, the most famous of which was the incident that was unique to the “Mirror” newspaper in 2011, about his relationship with the Brazilian. model Urash Ann, during his affair with Russian Irina Shayk, but Don denied the validity of this. Charges, like many stars and celebrities, who were accused of adultery against their wives and girlfriends, and many of them, for example, Andrea Pirlo. , who broke up with his wife Debra Rovers in 2014 after getting involved in a relationship with Valentina Baldini, while Olivier Giroud, was more fortunate after his wife, Jennifer, admitted his story that he did not betray her and model Celia Kai. despite the circulation of his underwear photos with Celia, and other stories that are hardly limited to one report, evidence that Shakira is not the first victim and will not be the last.

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