“It ‘s almost inedible …”

Immunity has always seemed a bit difficult for those who have overcome it.

They are there because they love to cook and are the best at it. So reward them for that … Isn’t it allowed to cook?

Monday seems to make more sense, as last night Sam and his tough team Jason, while the men downstairs were doing whatever they wanted, were sent to God not to cook and watch. It gives everyone a chance to excel – something that is hard to do when cooking against Sam.

This is the ring of winners .. this time it will be the unsuccessful chefs.


This is the ring of winners .. this time it will be the unsuccessful chefs.

This gives Sam a chance to showcase his judgment skills in the future, as well as some excellent notes from his superior position.

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Tonight is an innovation test and a product placement event!

In the beginning, our old friend Kenwood gave competitors one of those great machines that does everything except design the dish for you.

This is for Priscilla, who donated 17,000 pots to the exhibition. Good job.

The challenge is that every human competitor gets the random connection they have to use to create a whole new food.

Info: Farzana gets juice.

Even after watching this show for 11 hours, someone called Lance, I swear I had never seen this before in my life, whipped and created the desert with it.

Elliott makes cheese pasta … that’s, yes, Bolt.

Why should creating something recognizable in an innovation challenge be a safe option? If you are cooking for all three of these cooks, you need to save the cheese and pasta God has given you. Add the element of invention, which means you have to offer unique pasta and cheese that, like never before, will apply to God as well.

Does Elliott have chips? I do not know. He “is not a meticulous cook,” but I think so.

On the talent balcony, Sam makes the dish at Umberley Kitchen. On the one hand, shameless. On the other hand: I can not believe that this guy has time to invent his own unique cooking style, but he also has time to consider everyone’s cooking style.

But this is not about tar! It has to do with his interest in Amberley and Fury.

Farzana prepares a carrot-themed dessert inspired by an Iranian dish of cold carrot juice and saffron ice cream. BRB is booking a summer trip to Tehran.

Hey Lance! You came back. Well, Lance Smoking Cream, which is really an attractive option. I tried smoked yogurt and smoked cheese, but I never drank the cream. The color that interests me.

Add a little chocolate and spices, taste and dance a little. Why wasn’t I his biggest hero from the beginning?

It’s under the wire again. Hannah still has 3 minutes to cook, she finds the Umberly Plast retailer door open, the last one she needs to make an ice cream sandwich, and Naomi sees this as her most difficult challenge.

Luckily, she was cooking quail and got the quail, so we know she’s safe in this episode.

Amberley is serving her meal tonight for the first time, and she is preparing it. His ice cream failed and when he cut Lim into the “blonde” above, it was hard. She goes very bad for her.

Farzana's orange odyssey, lots of carrots, lots of time.


Farzana’s orange odyssey, lots of carrots, lots of time.

Elliott’s Mac and Cheese Next, Judge Vaughan Mabee says what we all thought: “Sounds boring.”

I really like the way Moby slowly slides the food into his mouth because he enjoys it. You know discussions are taking place.

Next up is a carrot orgy for Farzana. Some people are pessimistic that there are not many carrots, but here we are bringing carrot cake, juice, cream and jelly to the same orange dish.

Without hesitation, Michael Derth called this “gangster carrot cake” and I’m sure Moby would steal the carrot jelly recipe for his restaurant.

Then comes Lance’s smoked cream, before they get inside, knocking on Nadia Lim’s pants – not in a good way. Mabe sums it up: “It’s almost inedible.”

Dude, this is a spam indictment. Pack your bags. You only have one chance, his name is Rudy.

Rudy’s diet consists of meatballs and flat bread. Now look, I love Rudy. He is a lover. But from anywhere in Wellington I can go out my door and get meatballs and bread. Sure, he fits in with any of them, but there’s a nice point: he found nothing, so the stewards told him.

Lim says this is the least creative food they have eaten overnight. He is oppressed and now I am oppressed for him. * sad emoji *

Surprisingly no one there, Rudy, Lance and Amberley in the last three places … I think my son Lance is going home. The man just arrived.

I’m right. rotten. However, in Episode 1 he reminds the judges of his entire campaign. Then 9 …

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