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Mix joins Landvolt, a creator of meta-shows like The Sandbox and Decentraland, as he transforms into Web3. The combined company will be known as Landvault and has a valuation of $ 300 million.

Fertile Soil Virtual experience builder In worlds created to draw people into blockchain and metavers ecosystems. Landvault has had over 100 dedicated meta-designers and developers. Now the new company is essentially a meta-experience builder, or meta-experience builder, with a total of 180 people.

By integrating with Landvault, Admix aims to become the leading provider for major IP owners and brands, enabling large companies in all industries to enter the metas and make money with Admix in-game advertising technology, said Sam Hooper, CEO of Admix, in an email to GamesBeat. Huber will run the combined company as CEO.

“We are bringing together Landvault (creative skills) and Admix (money-making technology) to become a one-stop shop for brands or IPs to access metavers,” Huber said.

Admix has its roots in providing technology for introducing in-game advertising. It basically allows brands to place product placements within the locations that players see. Admix is ​​now focused on the crowded and “very dominant” duopoly of adtech Web2. Huber said he is moving into the “blue ocean” of Web3, or decentralized blockchain testing, where competition is low and standards have not yet been set.

“In a pervasive environment like metavers, we expect intrusive advertising to disappear and local and in-game experiences to become the de-facto standard, giving us an edge,” Huber said. With these enhanced capabilities, we can now create content in metavers before making money with our technology, switching to portrait mode, and gaining more value. We have already proven this model by helping some brands like L’Oreal enter DCL Fashion Week and other projects are still in progress. “

New mission

Landvault has 100 builders.

LandVault will be a non-platform construction company focused on The Sandbox, Decentraland and NFT World metavers to facilitate the entry of major brands in metavers.

The newly merged entity has $ 25 million in growth capital from the Admix Series B round last October and a group of major brands seeking to enter the meta-sector. The combined unit has also attracted interest from new investors worth $ 300 million.

Founded in 2018, Admix has evolved into an in-game platform, connecting game makers and advertisers through non-intrusive product placements. The company is working with major mobile publishers, from Gameloft to Supersonic, as well as dozens of brands – including McDonalds, Calvin Klein and Formula 1 – to help them reach their mobile gaming audience. He has more than 500 advertisers and has worked on 600 gaming and virtual world experiences.

Admix has raised $ 37 million to date and recently launched its Web3 meta-offering to help brands create meta-experiences. This revenue stream quickly outpaced the media revenue generated over the past two years, pushing Admix to acquire resources to access the meta-home.

Founded in 2021, LandVault has grown rapidly into The Sandbox’s largest construction company, growing from five to 100 builders in six months and offering over 30 activations for Web3 projects and brands.

A strange world built by Landvault.

The combined company will be led by Admix founder and CEO Sam Hooper as the LandVault founders move into a new venture. The entire management team remains in business and will operate independently, operating under the LandVault brand, bringing the brands into meta-space by continuing to develop proprietary projects such as LandVault Plaza, Genesis token and Creation Game.

“It’s a very integrated union,” Huber said. “Since the early days of Admix, our vision has always been to build the tools for brands to enter new digital and virtual environments. We find metaversen as the perfect playground to expand this vision for the next decade. With our new gaming-focused entity and company, Admix, we feel the responsibility to build meta-responsive responsibly – with great content that will satisfy users. But we also have a proven technology and development team to develop tools that accelerate the meta-economy. “

Samuel Huber is the CEO of Admix.
Samuel Huber is the CEO of Admix and now the CEO of Landvault.

“The merger with Admix offers enhanced opportunities for LandVault to lead this metaverse,” Ryan Inman, the founder of LandVault, said in a statement. The two companies have huge financial resources and thousands of brand partners between them. Combined with the best business development team, these are powerful attributes that will take LandVault to the next level. ”

Admix has helped thousands of brands target gaming audiences, including F1, Doritos, Calvin Klein and Facebook Gaming, promoting a vision to eliminate intrusive advertising and create better ways for brands to enter gaming environments and virtual worlds. The integrated LandVault will take advantage of Admix’s strong relationships with leading brands to accelerate their involvement in metaverse.

Metaverse is on its way to becoming an integral part of e-commerce. LandVault is aiming for an opportunity recently estimated at more than $ 1 trillion in annual revenue from analysts at JPMorgan Chase. The same report notes that heavyweight brands, including Walmart itself, Gap, Microsoft, Nike and JPMorgan Chase, are entering metavers at an increasing rate.

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