What is the price of a Pomeranian dog in Saudi Arabia

What is the price of a Pomeranian dog in Saudi Arabia? Where many people are interested in raising dogs and having them in their homes to care for them, and in the following lines we will talk about answering this question through a website. We will also learn about the most important information about this type of dog and the most important characteristics that distinguish it and many other information on this topic in detail.

What is a Pomeranian dog?

Pomeranian dogs are a type of dog breed, which was named after the Pomeranian region in northwestern Poland; Like Northeast Germany in Central Europe, it is a type of dog that many people like to have in many parts of the world because of its behavior and kindness. One of the Pomeranian dogs and takes care of it, and has since become one of the dogs famous for many people, and these dogs are characterized by having a relatively small body compared to other types of dogs, as well as having heavy fur and their tail is often high, and the popularity of these dogs has increased. In the last period due to the diversity in its colors and shapes; As well as their behavior and fun with others, and these dogs can be obtained through pet stores, or through online shopping.[1]

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What is the price of a Pomeranian dog in Saudi Arabia

There is no fixed price for selling Pomeranian dogs in Saudi Arabia while The price of a Pomeranian dog in Saudi Arabia varies from approximately one thousand to five thousand Saudi riyalsWhen this price varies from one dog to another depending on a set of factors such as the age, color, shape and rate of growth and care of the dog before it is sold, and the selling price varies from country to country, and these dogs may taken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from more than one country, such as dog shops; As well as on some internet sites like OLX and Amazon, and this dog can also be obtained through amateur people who breed this type of dog, which leads to a price change from one person to another.

The most important characteristics of Pomeranian dogs

Pomeranian dogs are distinguished by a number of important and distinctive characteristics from the rest of the other adult dog breeds by many people, and the most important characteristics of these dogs are as follows:[1]

  • The average weight of a Pomeranian dog is 1.36 to 3.17 kilograms, and the length of this dog is approximately 20 to 36 centimeters.
  • Pomeranian dogs are strong and healthy dogs, and their body is characterized by the fact that it also contains a lot of fur, has a high and long tail.
  • The Pomeranian dog is available in many different colors, but the most common of these colors are orange, black, cream, and white, and they are also available in other colors like red, brown, cream, blue, gray and other colors.
  • The Pomeranian is generally a friendly and cheerful dog, but can sometimes be aggressive in proving himself among other dogs.
  • The Pomeranian dog is characterized by the fact that he can easily adapt to the place where he lives, as well as can perceive the changes that occur in the environment where he lives and express them by barking or making a loud sound to draw attention to these changes.

The average lifespan of a Pomeranian dog

The lifespan of Pomeranian dogs varies from one species to another, as the age of these dogs varies from approximately 12 to 16 years, and of course, caring for this dog and his diet and following their healthy habits increases the dog’s life and shortens it. health problems to which they can be exposed and lead to their death, as these dogs can be exposed to many different diseases and health problems as a result of insufficient attention to them or in case an infection is transmitted to them by an animal other. If dogs live in an unhealthy environment or place, they may be exposed to health diseases from an early age; Which leads to her death, while in the case of caring for the dog and giving him the care, attention, food and drink he needs, he will live in good health, all the more so since Pomeranian dogs are characterized as strong dogs.[1]

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Diseases of Pomeranian dogs

Of course, dogs of all different breeds and breeds can be infected with a variety of different diseases and problems, and the most important diseases that can affect this breed are as follows:[1]

  • Tracheal diseases: The trachea of ​​this type of dog is often exposed to turbulence and collapse, as this occurs as a result of weakening of the muscles and rings that make up the trachea, which leads to airway disturbances; That causes a variety of symptoms that appear in the dog, such as fainting, coughing and inability to perform various activities; As well as the older the dog, the more severe these attacks are.
  • black skin disease: It is a common condition that affects dogs of this type and is a mixture between alopecia and hyperpigmentation of the skin, as this condition is similar to some conditions that affect people like hormonal problems, thyroid disorders and chronic skin infections; As well as Cushing’s syndrome and other problems and syndromes.
  • disappearance of testicles: It is a common disorder affecting this type of dog where one or both testicles may not descend into the scrotum; Which leads to testicular retention, and this condition can be treated by removing the blocked testicle.
  • patella dislocation: This problem occurs as a result of a deformity or accident of the affected dog and this problem results in difficulty in lowering or moving the dog, as the kneecap slides across the edges of the thigh bone; That causes pain, but when you get used to the dog does not feel pain after that.

How to care for Pomeranian dogs

There are many ways in which Pomeranian dogs can take care of their health and prevent them from the health problems to which they are exposed, and the most important ways to care for them are as follows :[1]

  • Keep the dog in a safe place away from extreme heat or extreme cold, as well as away from dangers.
  • Take care of your dog’s hygiene, cut his nails, take care of his hair and fur, and follow a proper bathing routine.
  • Paying attention to the dog’s diet and making sure to provide the nutrients the dog needs through food; As well as serving food at regular times.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough water throughout the day.
  • Check the dog’s health by periodically presenting it to the veterinarian to know his health condition and to make the vaccines he needs.

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Finally, we have answered a question What is the price of a Pomeranian dog in Saudi Arabia? We were also introduced to the most important information about this dog and the most important characteristics it has from other dog breeds, as well as the behaviors it performs, the ways it can take care of Pomeranian dogs and many other information. on this topic.


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