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Many citizens in Baghdad province, especially children in primary schools, suffer from the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs on the streets and streets, as well as their spread in residential shops and near official departments, camps and others..

Loose dogs pose a risk to the lives of citizens, as some of them have rabies, a dangerous disease that is transmitted to humans through the nervous system and leads to rapid death, which makes the treatment of this phenomenon by the authorities concerned a priority..

Baghdad Governor’s efforts to treat stray dogs.

The official of the Division for Protection and Improvement of the Environment in the Baghdad Governorate, Ahmed Harith, said in an exclusive statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

“The fight against stray dogs was one of the important necessities that called on the state to legislate several laws, including law no. 48 of 1986 regarding the extermination of stray dogs “, emphasizing,” After the adoption of the law, a commission was formed. from the competent directorates for the pursuit of stray dogs, headed by the head of the administrative unit. (Governor) to supervise the work of stray dog ​​extermination teams, which have achieved many successes in the field of removal of stray dogs. dogs, and removing their danger from citizens.

He added, “In 2013, Law no. 32 on animal health, according to which law no. 48 of 1986 was repealed “, noting that the law provided for the formation of a committee chaired by the Governor of Baghdad and the membership of other governing parties, including the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Health and Interior, in addition to the Municipality of Baghdad and the Directorate of Municipalities, to oversee the work of anti-dog teams, but this law suffers from a major shortcoming. , because he did not mention how to fight free dogs, and did not issue guidelines to simplify and facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the law or its interpretation, so the issue became floating, so is the extermination of free dogs or simply controlling tire. , or are sheltered. “

Harith stressed, “The law is very vague, except in one paragraph, which is a paragraph if dogs are infected with rabies. The law has allowed their killing, as well as animals suspected of being infected with rabies, or dogs that do not have an owner who can afford the cost of their treatment in hospitals or their accommodation until confirmed Who hurt her or not “, noting that” the legislature authorized her murder and that the governor of Baghdad was a pioneer in the formation of “a committee to combat stray dogs in cooperation with the Interior Ministry and the Veterinary Hospital in Baghdad.”

And he continued, “In this regard, teams have been formed to control stray dogs, and now there are in Baghdad more than 20 teams working in a number of areas within Baghdad and the outskirts of the capital, but the work of these teams is not visible. for many reasons, including operations to control stray dogs.According to the availability of hunting cartridges, these cartridges are mostly available in small numbers compared to the number of loose dogs, which range from 150 to 200 thousand dogs. freely throughout the province of Baghdad “, noting that” the control of 10 or 11 thousand dogs released from last March until now, is not a large part of maintaining control over this issue. “

He noted that “the governor of Baghdad is serious about increasing the campaign and has an agreement with the Interior Ministry aimed at increasing the number of police attackers and an agreement will be made with the Municipality of Baghdad and the Municipal Directorate of the Governor of Baghdad to increase hunting cartridges used to control loose dogs. “

Loose dogs left a long list of victims affected by rabies, and then died, and the number of casualties has deteriorated, especially among children this year due to the large increase in the number of loose dogs and the lack or absence of dog anti-campaigns over the past year as a result of the Corona epidemic, in addition to the lack of number of police shooters.

The official of the Division for Protection and Improvement of the Environment in the Governor of Baghdad confirms that “the issue of shooters has been bypassed by the Ministry of Interior, as a number of shooters have been provided and fired to work all week since March this year.” noting that “the complaints that reach the province before citizens and other parties are very large and only anti-dog teams can control all complaints”.

He noted that “complaints are received from residential shops, schools, hospitals, various state departments, army and police camps, and that the governor is serious in handling these complaints to control dogs”, noting that “there are many difficulties in teams. ‘worked, but the cooperation with the competent authorities and the municipality of Baghdad was very great, as the Municipality of Baghdad provided the necessary funds for the purchase of cartridges, in addition to providing cars for transporting dogs in control and evacuating them from roads. “.

He noted that “there is also cooperation from the Ministry of Interior and the Baghdad police chief, who has completely emptied the police of fighters to fight the free dogs”, expressing his hope “to fire more fighters to open fire. others. “teams in areas where shooters are not available, such as the Tarmiyah and Nahrawan areas and others.”

He stressed that “the teams have checked about 4 thousand and more stray dogs within a month and clear results will emerge for the decrease in the number of stray dogs per year and that work is being done in the field of combating stray dogs, while the work will continue next year to reduce the number of stray dogs. “

Communicate with health authorities about rabies vaccines and treatments

An official from the Baghdad Governor’s Environmental Protection and Improvement Division said: “His division is communicating with the Baghdad, Al-Rusafa and Al-Karkh health departments to ensure that the necessary treatments and vaccines for rabies and the causes are provided. and the deaths from rabies are due to the delay of citizens to arrive in hospitals, which allows the “Ribs” virus to enter the brain and then the treatment will not work. ” He called on “affected citizens to immediately review the health departments to receive the necessary vaccinations and treatment and not to delay, because the virus is not transmitted through blood but through the central nervous system.”

He noted that “the governor of Baghdad formed a committee to combat dogs under the Animal Health Act with Order Diwani 229 of 2019 chaired by the Assistant Governor of Baghdad for Health and Environment Kais al-Kalabi, and the membership of the organs of environment, health and agriculture and this committee meets periodically to overcome difficulties before the dog control teams. dogs in their control and evacuation from the streets, except that the commission takes measures and measures to facilitate the tasks of the teams and record their preparation and periodic establishment.

Violations of civil society organizations dealing with animal rights

Civil society organizations specializing in animal rights practice work that seems to be good in the context of the spread of dogs, and among these works, removing dogs from the streets and placing them in houses, or assembling them in squares. certain, but this work, according to those interested is illegal because it is not carried out in coordination with the only committee authorized to fight free dogs.

According to the official of the Division for Protection and Improvement of the Environment in Baghdad province, “some human rights civil society organizations and some other parties do random work and the province sometimes receives reports about the collection of funds from citizens by the organizations “and the authorities in exchange for housing these dogs”, urging “citizens not to deal with any organization or entity that is not authorized by the Governor of Baghdad”.

He noted that “these organizations or bodies collect dogs in shelters that are not sanitary and unsuitable for the environment, which causes the spread of scabies among dogs, and this in turn leads to its spread in places close, stressing the importance of “organizations submitting requests to the Wholesale Dog Fight Committee to organize its work and oversight and to ensure that shelters are healthy and environmentally sound.”

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