For meat lovers in Dubai, a new meeting with Chef Iyad Restaurant,

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Dubai, May 10, 2022 Sheikh Zayed Street in the heart of Dubai witnessed the opening of the restaurant of Chef Iyad, the emperor of smoked meat. This restaurant is based on the three main pillars of exceptional food, entertainment and fire, and boasts serving boneless, delicious and richly flavored meat, smoked with all-natural charcoal. When you visit this restaurant, chefs and waiters who know how to entertain you will welcome you with dancing, fire and knives inside the restaurant hall where they interact with all the visitors and spectators in a way that deserves to be immortalized in amazing photos. and be posted on social media.

Chef Iyad was famous in his country for its smoked and grilled meats prepared with its own mix and seasoned with a unique blend of oriental spices and various flavors of smoked meats that fascinate people all over the world. He made his own with secret oriental spices, and was the first to use honey to become an essential ingredient in serving smoked meat at his restaurant. He smears the premium American Black Angus beef steaks and local lamb chops with a secret spice, then marinates and smokes them for an hour. 8 hours and can reach 12 A clock according to the type of chip using special ovens is displayed in front of the guests in the dining room. While the waiters and chefs dance “dabke” to entertain the guests and advise them with the best slices, then throw some honey. They also advise each guest on the right sauce for each piece of meat and in the amount that suits them, as the meat in this restaurant is sold by weight, so that meat lovers can enjoy what fills them. Appears from the oven directly in front of the guests and they have to choose the parts Preferred They have it and then it is collected in a very special and delicious way with the addition of some special sauces and then the waiters take it to asking for it It will instantly be hot and wonderful.

Chief Iyad has been nicknamed the King of Smoked Meat in his hometown, Kafr Qassem, where he established his first smoked meat restaurant and gained unexpected public admiration in the city and then merged it with a branch of re. in Turkey, the city of Istanbul, and later became one of the distinctive and sought-after brands, so he granted exclusive privileges The brand has its presence in many countries, including existing ones, like the city of Ramallah in Palestine. , Bahrain, the Emirates and a new branch in Istanbul, and some are under construction, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, many European countries, China, the United States and Russia. His restaurants have become so famous and popular among the people that they attract meat lovers and others to look at the way of preparing delicious slices and enjoy their special taste. It should be noted that these restaurants welcome guests according to the principle of first service, in order to meet the high demands.

Finally, chef Iyad Rahala’s restaurant landed in Dubai, UAE. The restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near the first intersection and overlooks the Burj Khalifa. He is able to absorb 200 guest inside 3 Various rooms, including one for smokers, a second for non-smokers and a third private hall. Once you arrive, a marble staircase leads to the first floor, where you arrive directly at a Texas grill revealing a dark and mysterious interior accentuated by leather, wood and metal, and lined with images of the dishes and kitchens you will love. whet your appetite while ordering the desired item.

Opening hours of Chef Iyad’s restaurant: from ora 12 noon to late at night

Chef Iyad’s restaurant website:

For reservations at Chef Iyad Restaurant: Please call the number 043433328

Chief Iyad’s Instagram page:

About Chief Iyad

Ijad Abul-Hassan was born in 1981 In the city of Kafr Qassem, Palestine. has spent 20 Over the years of his life he has improved his skills as a professional welder with a focus on aging and smoking meat. He had a successful massacre in Kafr Qassem, and was displaying his talent and ability in preparing and drinking meat as a skilled chef in local markets or neighboring towns, which attracted attention and caused very positive reactions and attracted the attention of the masses. . He was able to quickly expand his business by adding branches new and gain more fans. Speaking of it, people began to visit him from all sides to see him preparing and serving the meat, and some of those who were lucky managed to immediately get the delicious slices. Chef Eyad delivers food to the customer directly from the oven while it is still hot, soft and rich in flavor and juice. From this scene, Chef Iyad inspired his slogan “Boss of Grace”.

Chef Iyad’s experience grew and his specialization developed, so he started drinking meat in an innovative way and with his touch, which is admired by many clients. He moved to Texas, home of smoked and grilled meats, because of his curiosity and intense desire to explore. He found more inspiration in it, so he started experimenting and smoking meat in the classic way with his special oriental spices. He managed to create his own spice mix, in addition to adding some creative doses like honey, and this became his special and well-known taste. The steaks he prepares became very popular at private festivals and meat festivals in various regions, which encouraged him to take his skills to a higher level and enter the world of cooking through the door of the commercial. Chief Iyad has devoted many years to training teams to drink meat for a period of time 24 He also developed his own brand of smoking ovens and opened successful restaurants in Palestine, Turkey and Bahrain And now in the UAE.

For public relations, comments and other questions, please contact Chef Iyad via email:

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