Ferrari Portofino M embarks on a journey towards rediscovery


The moment you board the Ferrari Portofino M, you will immediately notice the amazing modern development that the Ferrari Portofino has undergone. And as you enjoy every minute of the ride, you’ll feel the power of an all-new eight-speed gearbox and Manettino five-way steering system with racing mode, the first in a GT Spyder. As a result of these developments and many other features, the Portofino M offers an unprecedented combination of renowned GT performance, great driving pleasure and tremendous flexibility in everyday driving experiences, making it the perfect tool to enjoy your environment.

The Ferrari Portofino M has a more sporty character than its predecessor, as well as better levels of control while maintaining a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers, which has been upgraded with a number of new optional features, such as advanced driver assistance systems. and seats. with heating and cooling functions, making it the ideal companion for long journeys and enjoying the most magnificent scenes. The Ferrari Portofino M thus retains the distinctive character of the Ferrari Portofino as the only cars on the market that reflect the original look of the Coupe with the roof closed and the original Spyder when the roof is opened. This is due to the strong canceled cab, which is the hallmark of all Ferrari models.

The compact design of the Portofino M makes it the perfect choice for all occasions. It is an SUV with very high levels of comfort, making every ride a journey to rediscover the world from a new perspective.

Walking the city streets with a Ferrari Portofino M is a special occasion in itself, but once you leave the city it’s time to try the sheer power of this model, which can reach 620 hp at 7500 rpm, which is more 20 HP for one. Ferrari Portofino.

The addition of eighth gear and improved transmission efficiency resulted in a significant reduction in fuel consumption while driving in cities and highways, in addition to improving car performance in terms of high-speed sports driving models.

Particular emphasis was placed on shifting strategies to improve engine fuel consumption and reduce its carbon emissions. And thanks to more efficient torque control, it is easier than ever to drive to cities that require frequent stops, e.g. when you get stuck in traffic. This ensures a smoother ride at lower speeds in overload situations, as well as easier driving experiences and improved reaction.

The goal of the Manettino five-way steering system, the first for a GT Spyder, is to improve the handling and control of the Ferrari Portofino M by expanding the range of steering modes to include a dedicated racing mode. Powered by Ferrari Dynamic Performance System, this modality focuses on raising driving satisfaction to the highest levels.

Here are five ways to drive a Ferrari Portofino M Manettino and their performance objectives:

situation the purpose of performance
wet roads Better level of stability and control
Comfortable Normal use on dry roads
athlete Sporty running style
Race Increases management satisfaction
Connection of electronic stability control system Deactivation of Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Stability Control System (F1-TCS)

As you drive the Ferrari Portofino M across the road, you can feel admiring glances at your car, which is an example of harmonious design. The increase in performance of the Portofino M compared to the Portofino came as a result of designers at the Ferrari Design Center making meticulous modifications to the design of the new car to reflect its distinctive sporty character.

When discovered to enjoy the cool breeze and beauty of travel, the Portofino M reflects the modernity of the GT in its design and its occupants will admire its compact rather than unassuming character. The cabin is also characterized in its design by the harmony of its elements and effective touches. The Ferrari Design Center team started the cab development process by identifying the basic and necessary requirements for the success of the design, which is reflected in achieving harmony in terms of form and function between the exterior structure of the car and its interior cabin. in addition to reducing its weight and increasing the space allotted for passengers.

The interior design started with a multi-level structure for the dashboard, which consists of an upper half, then a vacuum in the middle that contributes to softening the volume of the lower half.

By reducing the size of the elements instead of improving them, dividing the dashboard into different levels allowed the designer to organize the technical and instrumental elements inside the machine to make sense and define its unique full-width geometry. The instrument panel, air conditioning sockets and passenger screen are divided into two separate areas using a medium and horizontal aluminum blade. Other controls are located at the bottom of the panel and include a 10.25-inch touch screen in its center. This design embodies the highest levels of craftsmanship, emphasizing the high quality of every little detail through the uninterrupted mix of ultra-modern elements and materials with elegant handmade accessories and finishes.

The car seats themselves are the result of a dedicated research project and have an innovative magnesium chassis. The different thickness of the undergarment in the seats and the integrated backrests contribute to increasing the feeling of space in the rear seats, providing a more comfortable ride for the driver and passenger.

The Ferrari Portofino M (HMI) man-car interface is housed in a digital display set consisting of two TFT screens next to the spin counter and inside a circular anti-reflective box. The digital assembly is located on the same level as the multifunction steering wheel and allows the driver to interact more easily physically and visually with the vehicle giving feedback about the steering.

To select the right music for your trip, the functions of the infotainment system are controlled via a touch screen, located in the center of the control panel within an area easily accessible to driver and passenger. The infotainment system is designed to provide the best possible speed and access levels in terms of content usage and display, and includes a high-resolution touch screen, with a special display feature to display types different content at the same time. It is also compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

And if you choose to enjoy your ride with a passenger near you, it will have an optional dedicated screen on the control panel, which connects directly to the main screen to provide all the information about vehicle speed, rpm engine and selected speed. This 7-inch high-resolution touch screen allows the passenger to interact with various vehicle systems; They can, for example, select music, display satellite navigation information, or select new areas of interest, such as restaurants, which automatically integrate into the vehicle itinerary. Thus, the passenger becomes a real assistant to the driver.

Advanced driver assistance systems are available as an optional addition to the Ferrari Portofino M and include:

  • Adaptive cruise control With stop-and-go function on crowded city streets
  • Emergency braking system for front collisions which can warn the driver of the dangers of a possible collision and prepare the vehicle to reduce the consequences of a head-on collision
  • Technique Blind spot monitoring To warn the driver if there are vehicles at the blind spot
  • Lane departure alarm system With an audible and / or visual alarm indicating that the vehicle has deviated from its lane
  • long automatic beams The headlights turn on and off automatically when driving at night
  • Traffic Sign Recognition Systemwhich constantly shows speed limits on special road / roads
  • Surrounding vision system with 3D screen
  • Cross-rear traffic alarmwhich warns the driver of the movement of obstacles at the blind spot behind the vehicle while turning back

Seven-year maintenance

Ferrari’s high quality standards and an increasing focus on customer service support the seven-year maintenance program offered with the Ferrari Portofino M. The program, which is available on all Ferrari cars, covers all regular maintenance for seven years the first of car life. This periodic maintenance is an exclusive service that ensures Ferrari customers ensure that their cars remain in good working order in terms of performance and safety over the years. This special service is also offered to owners of used Ferrari cars.

Periodic maintenance (when the car travels 20,000 km or once a year, despite mileage restrictions), original spare parts and full vehicle inspections are performed by trained crews at the Ferrari Training Center in Maranello, Italy using the latest equipment scanning, which are some of the advantages offered by the original maintenance program. This service is available in all markets worldwide, and is offered by all agencies that are part of the network of official brand agencies.

The coverage of the original maintenance program extends to include the wide range of after-sales services offered by Ferrari to meet the needs of customers seeking to maintain the best levels of performance and excellence that make up all cars manufactured in the brand’s factory in Maranello. which has always been synonymous with the latest technology and designs.Amazing sports.

Official Ferrari photos and videos can be downloaded Portofino MOTHER From the Ferrari Media Center page via the link:

Ferrari Portofino M

technical specifications


V8 turbocharged engine – Mounted at a 90 ° angle

Total displacement 3855 cc

Blow 86.5 x 82 mm

Maximum engine power * 456 kW (620 hp) @ 5750-7500 rpm

Maximum torque 760 Nm @ 3000-5750 rpm

Maximum rotation 7500 rpm

Compression ratio 9.45: 1

Dimensions and weight

Length 4594 mm

Width 1938 mm (2020 with open side mirrors)

Height 1318 mm

wheel base 2670 mm

Front wheelbase 1633 mm

Rear wheel clearance 1635 mm

Total weight of the vehicle ** 1664 kg

Dry weight ** 1545 kg

Ratio of dry weight to power 2.49 kg / hp

Box capacity 292 liters

Fuel tank capacity 80 liters

Tires and wheels

para 245/35 ZR20; 8J x 20 ”

rear 285/35 ZR20; 10 J x 20 ”


Advantage 390 mm x 34 mm

360mm x 32mm rear

Transmission and gearbox

8-speed F1 gearbox with two clutches

Electronic Controls Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), ABS / Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Stability Control (F1-TCS), 3rd Generation Rear Electronic Differential, Angle Side Controller system (SSC 6.0), FDE, Magnetic Cruise Control (SCM-E Frs)


From 0 to 100 km / h 3.45 seconds

From 0 to 200 km / h 9.8 seconds

The maximum speed is more than 320 km / h

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Still under homogeneity test (WLTP)

* With 98. octane fuel

** With optional content

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