Arab artists gain NFT arguments

The immutable NFT signs became popular recently as many celebrities and artists expressed their union in this wild development through their use of NFT arguments that enabled them to have an amazing revolution. Let’s get acquainted with the list of celebrities who use NFT tokens.

Child Ahmed, winner of $ 400,000

Ahmed Arabi, a London citizen, started his passion for programming when he was only five years old, as he was heavily influenced by his parents, who both work in the field of programming and web development. Ahmed, who is now 12 years old, stated that he was attracted to cryptocurrencies and was fascinated by blockchain technology, which in turn helped him a lot in understanding NFT signs. Ahmed managed to create his first band with 40 NFT avatars and Ahmed said on social media that he made these images out of his passion for playing Minecraft. His collection did not sell immediately, but he developed these avatars by combining them with memes and then displaying them in full on the NFT. In just nine hours since exhibiting his collection, he was able to sell it for more than $ 300,000. Therefore, Ahmed became the youngest programmed artist in the world.

Known NFT users

NFT tokens that cannot be purchased are a great source of income and goodwill. We can draw conclusions from Uses of NFT tokens The world is now moving towards creating another virtual world with much higher expectations than the real world. For this reason, we discover that modern technologies and capital are now focused on building utopia or what is known as metavers, through which we can create a private world, but it is also open to all to visit and enjoy. Users of various online platforms tend to try many new things, on top of which is the experience of NFT tokens in an unprecedented way in various fields, be it entertainment casinos, art or music sites, etc.

Not only that, but many global users are turning to Adidas-led NFT tokens. Adidas introduced and sold more than $ 22 million in NFT clothing, which consumers can find in the world of metavers. On the other hand, we find that the fast food industry has not hesitated to join this digital planet. McDonald’s announced the creation of the first immutable code in honor of the 40th anniversary of McRib, which is now also available in Mac NFT MetaverseAnd the list goes on.

Best winners from nft

Designed by Raya Oklah

Actress Rhea Oklahoma represents an important group of young Arab women who want to exist in a diverse and modern world and who challenge society with all their strength, courage and determination. Raya was able to be the first Arab-Jordanian to quit her job and create an entire project for women in NFT icons. Raya has already created a project for women called Beyond power and is developing it. Raya has already received a lot of moral and financial support, which shows that the capital is moving towards digital globalization of NFT tokens.

Actress Aya Tariq

Aya Tarek is considered one of the first Egyptians to enter the field. Aya specializes in creating graphic, physical and digital art. Aya has published her paintings and drawings on the NFT and has won the admiration of many people, and Aya is still creating her art and drawing a lot around her.

Islamic Art Agency

This agency was founded by Indian Javaherpur, a Dubai based businessman. In doing so, its main purpose is to support prominent Middle Eastern artists and sell their digital signature items and art to art lovers around the world through global NFT-related auctions. Sales of digital works by all Arab artists participating in the Islamic Art Agency will be donated to the Behanwood Foundation, which specializes in helping children.

Singer Shorouk Amin

Singer Shurooq Amin is one of the singers who faced many challenges, difficulties and problems in the field of Kuwaiti art. She was able to obtain a range of excellent works of art through the NFT when she launched one of her most banned works in Dubai called Popcornographics. This work won the admiration and astonishment of many people and she announced that she will not stop making dazzling art despite the cost and that the NFT world will be her open room to the whole world to spread her bold Kuwaiti art .

Actress Crystal Bishara

Crystal is one of the Arab and Lebanese artists who have been able to create unique and unparalleled art in the NFT. She created many paintings, at the top of which are “Fear of Loss” and “Ether”. Her paintings depict the emotional states that everyone is going through, which is why these digital paintings have attracted attention from all over the world.

Artists earn from the NFT

Profit from NFT comes in many different forms as the world of NFT is one of the most important platforms that allows art to spread without conditions or restrictions. There is no monopoly, judgment or censorship of the art presented, which opens up a considerable area of ​​creativity and excellence for artists. Not only that, but selling technical items in digital currencies will have an unprecedented financial return. Linking cryptocurrencies to NFT tokens is not a coincidence, but a preparation for a powerful digital investment, art and economic world.

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