9 Common Mistakes You Make When Traveling By Air For The First Time

Homeland-Avoid making these 9 very common mistakes when traveling by plane for the first time.

Taking a trip to new destinations is an amazing experience that starts from the moment you start thinking about places to go to any point or city where you travel.

Common Mistakes You Make When Traveling By Plane For The First Time

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Despite the excitement of making our first trip to a distant destination, getting on a plane for the first time can be a bit of a challenging experience, especially if you do not really know what to do or if you are afraid of heights and small spaces.

And since these vehicles are sometimes, small or slightly uncomfortable, you will have to face some situations that may be uncomfortable for you, according to the Mexican site “Escapada”.

Here are the nine most common mistakes you should avoid if you are going to make your first flight:

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1. Delay

This mistake is the most common one you should avoid at all costs. Although planes sometimes take some time to take off, this is because they have a set time for passengers to board the plane.

The boarding process is important, if you expect the plane to arrive on time at its destination and before departure, passengers need to be ready in their seats and their luggage in a good place. Plus, arriving early allows you to document without rushing and avoid the stress of thinking you will miss your first flight.

2. Put glass containers or sharp objects in the bag

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Glasses and sharp objects are prohibited in hand luggage, due to airport security procedures and therefore you should avoid at all costs carrying this type in the personal bag you will take with you. When you pass the security checks, these items will be removed from your luggage and you will need to put them in the bin.

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Therefore, if you do not want to spend too much time at safety checkpoints, you should avoid packing any of these items and not waste your time and that of other passengers anxiously awaiting their flights.

3. Do not check the validity date of your documents

Try not to be late for the flight and it is better to come in time to depart
Try not to be late for the flight and it is better to come in time to depart

This mistake is very common and common, because we often forget to completely verify the authenticity of our identity documents, whether they are visas or passports.

However, most countries require at least six months validity on our identity documents.

This is why, before you go to the airport, make sure each of your IDs is valid, to avoid any problems on your first flight, especially if you have a choice of an international destination.

4. Carrying excess luggage

Avoid carrying more and paying extra fees for overweight bags by referring to your baggage specifications approved by the airline where you purchased the plane tickets.

And because the policies of each company specify the type, dimensions and weight of the bag, you can take with you on the plane in the cabin and also the quantities of luggage you can check, depending on the cost you paid or the extra services you buy when you buy your airline tickets.

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By referring to this information, you will avoid keeping things you do not need and will take with you only what is needed so that you do not have to pay extra.

5. Do not place luggage in tight compartments

This mistake is common when using hand luggage because most airlines allow entry into the cabin with one or two small bags of certain dimensions and weight. But sometimes, there are many problems during its storage, due to the space given to the partition.

For this reason, you should avoid placing your bag too far away from your seat and take advantage of the space closer to your own space, and if space is not free, you can place the bag under the seat in front of you, directly in front. of your feet to leave the transit area in case of emergency.

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During the flight and especially during take-off or landing, the use of the toilet is prohibited, which you should remember to avoid accidents during your first flight.

By having this information, you can avoid any inconvenience to other passengers during your first flight, especially if you are a sensitive person who does not like turbulence.

You can apply this advice if the trip you are making for the first time does not involve traveling very long distances and you will only be traveling to a destination that you will need some time to reach.

7. Thinking you can not change your seats

On a full capacity flight, the option to change designated seats is not possible, but if you are traveling on a completely empty plane, you have an option to change to another free space available.

But before you do that, remember to ask the staff for this change, so that they can consider this option and you will have no problem leaving your space and choosing another place that is more comfortable or closer to your hand luggage.

8. Do not check the changes of the boarding gate

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It is very common for planes to land on another runway and this does not correspond to the boarding room in which we were originally assigned when we checked or checked our checked baggage.

This is why you should constantly check if there are any changes to the boarding gate to avoid losing the flight as we can often get distracted by buying some souvenirs or duty free products.

9. Take pictures of everything

In some destinations it is forbidden to use a mobile phone to take pictures, as in various border security controls there are restrictions for tourists regarding the use of mobile phones.

This is why you should avoid photos in forbidden places, because following the rules of any state will prevent you from facing any legal problems or even not reaching the respective destination.

You should avoid using your mobile phone at airports, but remember that capturing the best moments once you land outside the airport is absolutely possible.

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