660 million dirhams for the expansion of “Fujairah International”

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Captain Ismail Al Balushi, General Manager of Fujairah International Airport, revealed that the airport development plans are in place and ongoing, and based on schedules, in order to increase the airport’s absorption capacity and enable it to accommodate cargo and air traffic, too. as increasing the efficiency of operational operations, and facilitating and improving the airport’s travel experience, noting in this regard, a project to expand Fujairah International Airport worth 660 million dirhams.

Captain Ismail Al Balushi, in an interview with Al Bayan, said: Fujairah International Airport began its work in October 1987 embodying the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, in light of of His Highness awareness of the contributions the Emirate can make to the Transport and Communications sector, with the aim of connecting Fujairah by air with other countries and making it the center of attention for travelers and investors.

He stressed that the expansion work is based on the construction of a new sub-runway equipped with modern ground lighting systems, with the introduction of 8 additional lanes for aircraft, which will be in service during the current year.

Fujairah International Airport General Manager praised the airport’s performance over the past year, saying it has achieved positive results and a significant increase in air and passenger traffic. The positive results reflect the Emirates’ attractiveness as a major tourism and business destination. .

1 How much does it cost to expand Fujairah International Airport?

Airport development plans are in place, ongoing and based on specific schedules in order to increase airport capacity and airport capacity to accommodate cargo and air traffic, as well as increase the efficiency of operational operations and facilitate and improve experiences. of airport travel. As for the enlargement project, it cost 660 million dirhams.

It is one of the vital and strategic projects that will contribute to the growth process and increase the number of passengers and air freight, as well as attract airlines and new strategic partners, thus increasing the position of the emirate in the aviation sector. at the local level and contributing to the country’s leadership at the regional level.

2 Did we talk about the buildings and services at the airport after the expansion?

The current phase of the project includes the construction and completion of the following buildings and services, towards the construction of an air control tower at a height of 57 meters with an integrated administrative complex consisting of two floors with a total area of ​​6750 square meters. meters.The new tower is designed as an icon, an architectural masterpiece and an aesthetic landmark for the Emirate.Skifter, which represents the originality and nobility of the Emirates.

The control tower building will be equipped with the latest technology systems, equipment and devices to improve the operational capabilities of the airport in a way that guarantees aviation safety and enhances the safety of aircraft movement, noting that the control tower is the beating heart of any airport, so our Department of Civil Aviation is keen to have a team of trained and qualified air traffic controllers, efficiently, to play an important and vital role in maintaining safety and security of air navigation.

3 What about the sub-track being created?

The current expansion works are based on the construction of a new sub-runway parallel to the current runway, which will be 3050 meters long and 45 meters wide and will be equipped with modern ground lighting systems, with the introduction of 8 additional aircraft lanes, which will enter service during the current year and maintenance of the current runway, enlarging and widening the runway by about 900 meters to the east, to facilitate landing and take-off operations, due to the presence of mountains surrounding the airport , which are obstacles for some aircraft during the takeoff process.

Also, a fire and rescue building was set up with the highest quality standards in terms of emergency response, in line with the highest standards of safety and security, related to the systems of the General Administration of Civil Protection in the UAE. United Arab Emirates and with international standards for the best fire extinguishing and management systems.

He said Fujairah Airport is working with Emirates Etisalat Company to distribute free SIM cards to passengers, enabling them to communicate upon arrival at the airport and share Fujairah’s atmosphere, to enjoy an integrated stay experience of them. and their exploration of the emirate’s tourist attractions.

4 What are the relocation plans at the airport?

The Training Center is rehabilitating a large number of air traffic controllers through practical courses and a modern simulation center. and scientific. and practical experience to perform the work tasks on which it is based.The airport prioritizes attention to the work localization program by developing plans and programs over the coming years to intensify the Emiratiization process in all technical and administrative areas due to the importance in the process of growth and prosperity, as air navigation recorded a 100% localization rate.

5 How do you assess the performance of air traffic in the past year?

The airport has achieved positive results and a significant increase in aircraft traffic during 2021, with an increase of 10.30% compared to a year ago. Positive results achieved by the airport in the number of passengers over the past year reflected the attractiveness of the Emirate as a major destination for tourism and business, as the airport is an important gateway to the eastern region.

The airport was also able to achieve an increase in the rate of air traffic and cargo occupation over the past three years and an active movement emerged in arrival and departure operations with the recovery of passenger and cargo traffic following the easing of international restrictions. in order for the movement to return to its activity by taking all precautions to ensure the safety of all.

I believe that expansion projects and new services will contribute to the attraction of new airlines and freight companies, which is in line with a sharp vision of the future to provide the best and most modern services for passengers and customers as well as to offer the highest standards of safety and security and safety.

6 What are your goals after this big project?

We are keen to intensify efforts through an integrated work team, as airport passenger service staff strive to quickly complete travel registration procedures to enjoy an easier and more enjoyable travel experience, and the rest of the staff is doing its best to achieve satisfaction. and the happiness of visitors to the airport.

We are really pleased with the continuous development we have achieved, especially in the airport expansion project to the extent that qualified us to be the best airport on the east coast of the UAE, and the expansion project on the south side of the airport adds new space to it, in addition to facilities that will contribute to the creation of the business. Commercial expansion and its growth and prosperity, as the expansion works include additional runways and main connecting roads and other options for customers to help them build larger facilities for their activities.

7 Did we talk about the capabilities of Fujairah International Airport?

Fujairah International Airport enjoys a very good reputation due to its ability to provide excellent seats and services to aircraft maintenance, repair and refurbishment companies. Smooth procedures during start-up and during transfers.

The departure terminal offers the opportunity to shop at the airport duty free shops even a few minutes before the flight, and these stores have a large variety of great gifts that make the experience of being at the airport more enjoyable.

Transportation Services

Ismail Al Balushi said that the ground and freight services provided by Fujairah Airport are essential to meet the needs of the world around us, so the airport staff is keen to provide the necessary assistance in moving incoming and outgoing deliveries as well. as it is. to easily reach the airport from seaports through the prominent main road network To move deliveries on time and the shipping service crew is qualified to deliver these services quickly and deliver them to countries of the Middle East and beyond, in addition. for obtaining the necessary documents that startups may face many difficulties in obtaining them.

The airport offers a portal for electronic services to enjoy a better service and experience by communicating with ease and ease to keep pace with developments in the world, in a move to provide airport services 24 hours. Through the portal, different types of permits, no. -Certificates of objections and other services may be required.


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