The transfer of flights to Aleppo Airport contributed to providing an alternative solution for our passengers

Dam Press – Farah Al-Ammar:
Starting from its national duty, and believing in the importance of respecting citizens and providing services to passengers with full confidence, Cham Wings Airlines launched a very important initiative, after the brutal Israeli aggression at Damascus International Airport, i which caused him to temporarily leave the service, as the company worked to divert all flights to Aleppo International Airport, by providing free transportation for its passengers from Damascus to Aleppo International Airport and vice versa, and to talk more about this initiative, and how to organize it, Dame Press met Mr. Crisis and dealing with emergencies, and with the desire of the company management to help passengers to travel and not to spoil their interests, a decision was made by the company immediately after the aggression that occurred at Damascus International Airport, continue to operate flights her and the company launched a positive initiative by diverting flights via Aleppo International Airport and providing transportation Travel from Damascus to Aleppo Airport and return by comfortable buses and free air conditioning.
This decision was taken to facilitate the movement of air transport and to find an alternative for travelers from outside and inside Syria to reach their destinations and to overcome the difficulties for passengers who book tickets in advance and who have the necessary jobs and connections. , so as not to spoil or harm their interests and needs in general.
Sate added, “Based on this principle, the company made a decision to transfer flights to and from Aleppo Airport back and forth and contracted with a ground transportation company, where passengers are transported on a daily basis and work continues comfortably. time, this initiative was extremely successful.
Sate ‘stressed that the feedback from passengers has been mostly positive and there have been some complaints which we address as soon as possible and have been corrected and addressed through a cooperative and follow-up team to achieve prompt positive results.
Mr Osama continued: “All the flights were well done, even the flights coming from outside stations through Aleppo Airport were carried out with the same procedures and at the same pace and were characterized by ease and speed of completion, even our transport. The department did not stop the delivery of goods and personal needs of passengers, but also through Aleppo Airport.
Regarding the loads that have affected the company as a result of this initiative, Sate’a said: “It is natural that this aggression caused material and non-material damage, such as more fatigue and exhaustion during the trip, not to mention more effort and cost. made and borne by the company as a result of transportation through Aleppo International Airport.

Mr Sate’a added, “One of the negatives is the impact of air transport in general, as some stations have stopped, and there are stations where the number of flights has decreased and now a new flight schedule is being programmed like this. that we can fill the gap and correct the shortfall, stressing that all these loads are a national task and when the company took this initiative, it never thought of financial burden, but it was for the benefit of the passengers.
Regarding the company’s future plans, Sate’a said: “We have 15 direct destinations and more than 21 indirect destinations. The company has recently connected the city of Aleppo directly with many stations such as Beirut, Yerfan, Sharjah and Kuwait. and from the latter with indirect stations to other countries and we seek to increase the number of destinations as well, he added, “Cham Wings always pursues the service of satisfying the traveler and meeting his needs, for example, if he resides in a certain place., he arrives at his country directly without passing through the airports of neighboring countries and without having difficulties as happens through the airports of Beirut and Amman, so we always ask for the necessary permission and land at new stations or open lines “New, but there are obstacles and penalties. It is imposed on our country and the company, and this often hinders the fulfillment of these requirements, especially the stations in Europe and other countries.”

“We have prepared many tourism programs to attract Syrians living abroad, Arabs and foreigners as well, as the Ministry of Tourism contributes to providing facilities for foreign (non-Syrian) visitors to obtain a visa, and this reinforces the issue. “encouraging the movement of tourism, cultural and economic exchange with Syria, which is certainly what the company is doing,” he added. “Since its inception until now, it has played an important leading role in the withdrawal process. of visitors from the various stations to which its flights operate and because our country is rich in civilization, heritage, monuments, natural diversity and a pleasant and moderate climate, in addition to the warm reception of its people, all this contributes to making Syria an important tourist destination that the company has played since its inception.
Sate ‘noted that the distinctive service package constantly added by Cham Wings Airlines contributes to the presentation of the stunning image of airlines, such as a new service recently added to flights, which is the app (sky show) that offers the passenger . with a pleasant atmosphere of entertainment It is a special application that is introduced to the traveler and provides him with a Traffic word and enters a comprehensive library through which he can watch many options of movies, series, cultural and sports programs in addition to the group. of fun and entertainment games, and the purpose of this application is for the traveler to enjoy the journey and contribute not to feel bored, especially for remote stations, in addition to the service of choice between meals / business class and economy class /, the service of the selection and specification of the seat on the airplane before the trip and the service of selecting the means of transport from the destination to which it manages to move from one place to another, as well as others have been added.
Sate ‘stressed that the company supports the aspect of social responsibility and various events and activities, including support for settled people, love syndrome, support for the families of martyrs, sponsorship of creativity, creators, sports and athletes, as well as various cultural , scientific, artistic and economic activities.
In conclusion, Mr. Osama thanked all parties who cooperated with the company to overcome the difficulties and make the passenger journey through Aleppo Airport a safe and comfortable journey on the international road between Damascus and Aleppo, as well as thanked all the authorities who cooperated. with them, as the Civil Aviation Authority and the facilities provided at Aleppo Airport, which demonstrated its effectiveness, readiness and ability to work in this emergency, pending the return of Damascus International Airport to resume its work as it was, God willing.

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