Shipping companies are reviving the motorcycle market in Dubai

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The Dubai motorcycle market has seen a major recovery over the past three years thanks to growing demand for delivery services during the Covid 19 pandemic, as Dubai streets are filled with thousands of cyclists delivering food and other products to customers. . and consumers at all times.

Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, Amazon, Now, Aramex, Zomato, Noon and other companies offering such services and e-commerce through intelligent applications are among the most prominent companies. Which played a big role in reviving motorcycle sales in the Emirates of Dubai.

An official in Honda’s marketing department stated that the number of motorcycles sold in the Dubai Emirates alone increased from 80,000 at the end of 2020 to 115,000 at the end of last year, which means that last year sales reached at 35,000.

The official explained, based on a study conducted by the company, that this increase in motorcycle sales in Dubai came after licensed shipping companies recorded a record increase in their number, which led to an increase in motorcycle orders.

He said: “These bicycles are either registered in the name of restaurants, kitchens and hotels that have delivery services, or are registered in the name of commercial companies that work directly in delivery services, or are registered in the name of people who cooperate with . those companies.

In response to a question about sales in the first quarter of this year, the questioner said that they have not yet crystallized, but current indicators confirm that the sales index is growing as strong as it has been over the past two years.

He stressed that motorcycle manufacturers are inclined to adhere to the requirements for motorcycle specifications in terms of complete safety to ensure the achievement of their goal, which is to distribute materials of all kinds.


Basil Al Nahlawi, General Manager of Mobility at Careem, said the shipping sector in Dubai in particular and the UAE in general has witnessed a major recovery since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, as everyone relied in shipping companies. , including “Karim” to meet demand. Growth during the pandemic, as people could not go out to buy their necessities.

He explained that the ownership of the bicycle distribution fleet does not belong to the company, but rather cooperates with companies licensed in the UAE, noting that Careem increased the number of its executives, especially during the past year 2021, as a demand for services her. increased significantly.


Tatiana Rahal, General Manager of Talabat Al Emarat, said: “Delivery drivers are the foundation of all Talabat Al Emarat business, as they play a key role in the success of our digital platform and ensure that our customers have access to restaurants. food items. and the pharmacies they prefer across the Emirates.Our business with the increase in the number of our shipment drivers, which has witnessed a significant increase over the last three years, as our fleet consists of more than 15 thousand drivers currently.

She stressed that the UAE is one of the leading countries in ensuring the security and well-being of its citizens and residents and said that we believe that cooperation between the public and private sectors in the UAE is the best way to achieve results. best. , while various initiatives launched by Talabat Al Emarat 2021 with the support of government agencies are part of Continuing Efforts to provide security for shipment managers to feel safe and secure in their work.

She added, “As a local technology company and a wide platform in the UAE for food delivery and fast e-commerce services, we work with partners in the UAE to provide us with logistics services, known as logistics companies. to third parties and work to secure bicycles and hire drivers to send company orders to the seven Emirates. ” Our third party logistics partners are responsible for ensuring that bicycles are properly and periodically maintained in their selected workshops across the Emirates.


Anis Harb, General Manager of Deliveroo in the Middle East, said: “Dubai is one of the most important regions with growing potential and in which we are witnessing major expansions in our business, noting in this regard the launch of a wide range of options for exclusive partner restaurants for customers. ”

He noted that Deliveroo collaborates with more than 148,000 restaurants and grocery stores, and includes 180,000 cooperative drivers on three continents, to provide the best food delivery experience. Deliveroo is active in around 800 locations in 11 markets, including the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the most important and prominent markets in the region.


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