Reem El-Adl: “Reliability” is the secret to the success of fashion design artwork

The world of costume design for dramatic and cinematic works, requires a lot of experience and precision, and is an essential part that can not be underestimated at all within the work of art as a whole, where the appearance of the character plays a role to convince the audience. of actor performance.

Therefore, the pioneers of this profession are faced with great burdens to focus on the details of the actress’s personality and to accurately build her appearance, especially since the current public is focused on every detail, large or small, especially. after this opening we live with the presence of the social media world..

The fashion designer, Reem Al-Adl, is one of the pioneers of this industry, who has been able to place a special place and a special trace for him in every dramatic and cinematic work in which he participates and presents the most stars. prominent. and personalities in a real and different way, where the last was her participation in the series “Bloo Al Soul”, where the public appreciated the costumes and makeup of the actors. In the dramatic work, in addition to participating in various works such as Women’s Prison, Nawara, Every Friday, Sunset Oasis, Coco Chanel play.

“The Vision” had this dialogue with Reem Al-Adl, to tell us many details about her profession, participation in the series “Baloo ‘Al-Rouh”, as well as some previous works, which left traces in drama and cinema. , as well as theater.

Participation in the series “The Soul Rising”

Reem Al-Adl confirmed that participating in the series “Bloo ‘Al-Rouh” was not at all easy. Maybe some people thought that the whole idea would be for costumes related to the niqab and the army, and here the idea is to create different details that highlight each character in the work, for which she was working hard after studying many documentaries about ISIS, because in its works it always seeks the idea of ​​”honesty”, where it said: “The most important thing. It means that you succeeded and that is why in the work that tells the story of ISIS we found that women in streets can resemble each other.Wearing the niqab, but when every woman returns home, the viewer must know different details about her life, and the environment she came from.

Likewise, the idea of ​​the beard for men, where each male’s beard is different from the other, as it looks like a “uniform” from the outside, but had a fine line separating that everyone looked like each other, and that the Viewer felt he was already among the people of ISIS, she said..

6 Months for photography in Lebanon

Behind the scenes of the work, Reem El-Adl explained that he liked to try the idea of ​​”red henna” for the appearance of artist Ilham Shaheen, who played the role of Umm Jihad, and Shaheen welcomed the idea after. It took 7 hours to achieve that result, which then played an influential role in the details of her character..

Also, Reem added that the shooting was very stressful, especially as the shooting was taking place in several different regions in Lebanon, where part of it was filmed in Beirut and Baalbek, where the shooting lasted 6 months away from Egypt..

Reem Al-Adl praised the work of great directors Kamel Abu Zekri and Menna Shalaby, especially since she had previously worked with him on more than one work, such as The Sunset Oasis, whose heroine was Menna Shalaby, and Prison of women, and Reem added that Kamila for her is a school and a great sea to learn..

Mistakes made by some actors

And about the phenomenon of makeup when she wakes up in drama, or at the wrong moments from the stars, and whether she has been exposed to it before or not, she has told us that she has not been exposed to it, so much so that . she is known for her careful focus on presenting the actor in a real way that is believed by the viewer.

She stressed that this is due to her focus long before she gets involved in the work, and certainly with the help and guidance of the director in carrying out an integrated and real work..

The director and actress hope to work with them

And for the director who most aspires to work in the future is “Abu Bakr Shawky”, while the artist, “Mona Zaki” is one of the stars that Reem wants to work with..

Reem Al-Adl expressed for “Al-Roya” her happiness for participating in an international series such as Moon NightShe was invited by the Egyptian director, co-director of the work, “Mohamed Diab” to focus on the part of fashion details related to the scenes that are supposed to be in Egypt, as she wanted to create an image of Egyptian fashion. which expresses the Egyptian way, where she worked as a fashion consultant in the series..

Work in the theater “Coco Chanel

Although Reem El-Adl had not previously participated in any theatrical work, this experience added a lot, she said, especially since working with a big show and theater star like Sherihan was like a school for learning and for she added. a lot for Reem in her career, as she made it clear that Sherihan was more familiar with the work as a whole, and for that she was directing and helping her a lot, and that was the main reason for the success of playing “Coco Chanel”, for example, Reem Al-Adl asked him about the details of choosing types of fabrics for dancers..

Production costs and their impact on dramatic performance

Reem El-Adl discovered that production costs, of course, can affect her work as a stylist. The budget that is set is important to cover the costs of costumes, makeup and accessories for the actors and everything you need to advance the characters. and reach their final form..

She added that, for example, the use of exaggerated costumes may not be required if there are alternatives, for example, if the character has to wear luxury brands, in this case it can be replaced with non-original ones, but it is still in good shape and does not affect appearance.

Al-Adl explained that all these issues are clearly agreed before you start any work, in order to know well the steps in which you will walk, and added that from the beginning, if it is not clear that the budget will not cover costs, it means a refusal to work..

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