Police Dog Unit..Continuous efforts and achievements in maintaining security

  • Has received an international accreditation certificate from the Highfield Organization in the United Kingdom
  • Qualification of unit personnel to perform their safety task and cooperation with experienced and qualified trainers
  • A study of human impact tracking by sniffer dogs in a desert climate

The Police Dog Unit at the Special Security Force Command plays an important role in detecting crimes and apprehending their perpetrators, as part of its role in maintaining security and order for all members of society. members of the complex from the principle of activating partnership in the community, through visits to youth centers and schools at the headquarters of the police dog unit and informing them about the important role that the unit plays, how to get and train police dogs and ways. to care for and treat them.

Captain Nawaf Talal Al-Mahzaa, head of the Operations Branch at the Special Dogs Police Force Dog Unit, indicated that the unit’s personnel have been rehabilitated to perform their security duties through the use of experienced and qualified trainers, who are qualified with high professionalism according to the highest standards in all disciplines that are treated as explosives detection.Drugs, medical detection, Corona virus detection, detection of hidden banknotes, cellphone detection, traceability, search-and-rescue, storm Suitable for the police dog and his trainer, the unit organizes indoor courses, in addition to sending individuals to outdoor courses to gain new training skills and experience.

Regarding the unit’s most significant achievements, Captain Nawaf Al-Mahzaa explained that the police dog unit has received international accreditation certificate from the Highfield Organization (HIGHFIELD INTERNATIONAL) in the United Kingdom.

The unit has introduced new specialties that did not exist in the past, such as medical detection dogs, search and rescue dogs and search dogs for telephones and banknotes, as part of the development of the police dog unit and its attainment of the highest levels. high level of professionalism to perform its security tasks in crime reduction and combating terrorism.

Among the achievements is the creation of a production and breeding department, where many types of police dogs have been produced, through production and natural and laboratory breeding in the unit.

Regarding the crimes and cases that the police dog unit has managed to detect, the head of the operations branch showed that the unit has managed to detect many security issues through coordination and cooperation with directorates and directorates, which has brought extraordinary achievements in this area. .

To ensure the readiness of police dogs to perform their duty, Captain Talal Al-Mahzaa mentioned that police dog trainers undergo periodic tests to ensure that they are fully prepared and ready to perform their duties. of security. According to his specialization and if successfully passed, they will be included in the security tasks assigned to the unit.

He added that the nature of the tasks are day-to-day tasks such as preventive security surveillance, securing vital facilities, celebrations and events, and conducting security surveys of places where VIPs and guests are received and ensuring that they are free. from any risk in coordination with security authorities. where the Police Dogs Unit achieved the highest levels of professionalism, using modern technology to maintain the safety of individuals and the safety of police dogs.

Captain Talal Al-Muhaza stated that the Police Dogs Unit has achieved extraordinary success and achievements in the field of prevention of viruses and epidemics, where the most important was the Corona virus, in terms of medical examination of dogs before the start of training.

In the framework of the ongoing development and modernization strategy approved by the Minister of Interior through the support and encouragement of the employees of the Ministry of Interior in the enrichment of scientific, research and study fields in order to contribute to increasing security performance levels and increasing of effectiveness. in addressing and preventing crime, a proposal was approved by Lt. Gen. Nawal Ahmed Ali of the Influential Wing Division, led by the Special Security Force, prepared a study to track the human impact of sniffer dogs in the desert climate, which presented the idea of ​​Study at the College of Sciences at the University of Bahrain, who expressed his willingness to cooperate in the scientific aspect, forming a team composed of physicians specializing in the fields of science and environment.

Lieutenant Nawal Ahmed indicated that many of the previous studies that were prepared, especially in European countries, included the extent of the impact of cold and mild climates on human impact and did not address the desert climate, and since the Kingdom of Bahrain is characterized by a desert climate, we were eager in this study to address the impact of this climate on human impact to support the police dog training program in tracking and elevating it to the highest advanced levels by performing a field and scientific study to achieve positive results, which will contribute to facilitating the handling of security issues through police dogs.

She added that the impact on people is considered one of the most important forensic evidence that police officers use by dog ​​diggers at the scene, to identify the persons who were previously at the scene through the police dogs that tracked them down. traces that take root on the surface of all kinds.

For her part, Dr. Salwa Mutlaq Al-Thawadi, Head of the Department of Life Sciences at the College of Science at the University of Bahrain, praised this study, which is the first collaboration with the Department of Influence and a selection of experts and specialists will participate. of the College of Sciences, explaining that this study will contribute to the identification of new methods for accurate detection.For various cases and crimes by increasing the efficiency of police dogs performance in tracking and tracking in extremely hot conditions . and high humidity environment and other environmental factors.

Dr. Salwa Al-Thawadi explained that this study can also be used to detect various diseases. It is hoped that the collaboration will continue with the Impact Ward Division using police dogs in the early detection of cancer, skin diseases and diseases. others. .

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