One party criticizes the Settat measure .. the group explains

The local branch of the Progress and Socialism Party in the city of Settat criticized the way local affairs are managed in the city, noting the imbalances in the city and their reflection on the needs of the population due to the lack of needs to reach the required level, and their failure to respond to quality, effectiveness and governance, as well as their often losing spirit of responsibility and self-sacrifice.

The local branch of the Kitab Party in Settat expressed, through a communication received from Hespress, its condemnation of the brutal and rampant attack on public property in all its forms and levels, by street vendors, shops and cafes, as and transformation. public property in private orchards or annexes to the main dwelling and enclosing it in a chaotic act, at the expense of traffic and the Golan Heights, in the face of the grand silence of the collective council and local authorities in most of the city’s neighborhoods.

The Branch of Progress and Socialism recorded complete dissatisfaction with the state of public lighting, which in recent advice has been characterized by poor quality, either at the level of used lamps or amortized electric poles, which poses a risk to life and property. and life. the safety of citizens. The “Kitab” party was surprised by the tyranny of the selective factor in the choice of paths, as some of them are blessed with lighting, while others are left in complete darkness.

The same communiqué referred to the lack of green spaces in the city, as well as the significant decline in their quality, if any, adding that there is hardly a residential rally to raise the question of programming public parks and green spaces, despite availability of real estate spaces, which remain ink on paper and transformed with capacity Able to generate many profits from cement.

And the political organization itself refused to deal with the responsible authorities with the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs and stray animals in general, despite constant calls from affected groups, as the phenomenon became a threat to the safety and lives of residents. noting that it gave residents poor justifications from officials, which shows their inability to intervene to free the population from this daily suffering.

The Party of Progress and Socialism attributed the reasons for what it described as structural inequalities and deteriorating situation in the city, the weakness of the authorities entrusted with management and oversight by location and competence, whether the collective council, local authorities or other governments. sectors, which are supposed to be prone to services and strive for their quality, and to protect them from harassment and the hands of corrupters and from excess wealth at the expense of the needs and sufferings of the population, appealing to all take responsibility and work to improve the conditions of the city, and respond quickly to the demands of the population.

The Settat Collective Council interacted with the communiqué of progress and socialism that made up the majority of the Collective Council, issuing a statement explaining that the Kitab party ignored the various negative manifestations it had listed as a grave, inherited legacy. from the current council to the previous council, which is headed by the occasional occupation of the public domain and the proliferation of casual markets and kiosks near educational institutions.

In the same context, he noted that a joint commission of community and local government interests examined the phenomenon of excessive use of public collective property in front of bracket shops, adding that the necessary warnings were given to resolve the issue. situation, and that the procedure is being conducted under jurisdiction within the law.

Regarding the situation of public lighting and green spaces, the Collective Council evoked the negative effects of the “Corona” pandemic on the model of public management in general, as well as recalled the requirements of the patrol of the Minister of Interior, which set pre-indications for governors and workers. with licenses, using any expenditure by track group leaders, even if approved and indicated by the budget.

For the same topic, the Council referred to the Circular of Ministers no. Staff teams in both sectors are doing their best in their efforts to maintain the performance of the functions of these public companies.

At the level of the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs and animals in the city, the Council explained that the phenomenon is general and is present in the rest of the cities and groups, given the ban on the use of “Lasterclean” for it. kill stray dogs, as well as the periodical of the Minister of Interior no. 12059, dated 28.06.2019, which emphasizes prevention and recommends groups. and vaccinating them before returning them to their places.

The Settat Collective Council concluded its explanatory statement by showing that it is determined to challenge all the difficulties, obstacles and constraints it faces, to be at the level of trust imitated by the citizens, with all that is required for sophistication, prudence. and responsibility. He stressed that the institution of the Presidency of the Council and all its structures and interests are available to all to cooperate and interact with all constructive proposals to raise the level of collective facilities and to develop the urban landscape of the municipality. of Settat.

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