Link to Syrian passport reservation platform www syria visa sy passport passport Immigration and Passports Authority

Connection of the Syrian passport reservation platform The Syrian Interior Ministry announced the connection to the system for booking a role to obtain a passport, www.syria visa sy. Where all citizens can access the electronic portal of the Syrian Immigration and Passports Authority for the Syrian visa passport to create a new Syrian passport or to update the personal data of any person holding a Syrian passport. Currently, the search has increased through the Google search engine and various international social media platforms in Syria for the official link through which it can be accessed Syrian passport reservation system linked to the Ministry of Interior to electronically obtain the 2022 passport, so follow us to the end to know this in detail and accuracy.

Connection of the Syrian passport reservation platform

Following the calming of the situation in Syria and the establishment of some kind of stability, many male and female Syrian citizens wish to visit their families and relatives, knowing that more than 3 million Syrian citizens currently live outside Syrian territory, and in order to to return to their original homeland, they must be provided with a passport, as allowed by the Syrian Interior Ministry Electronic platform for immigration and passports To book a role to get a new Syrian passport electronically and easily.

It is worth noting that the Syrian regime’s Interior Ministry issued a circular setting out fees for obtaining an “urgent passport” from 100,000 to 300,000 Syrian pounds, on the pretext that those who will pay this extra cost to citizens will benefit by do not waste time in the queues. According to the exchange rate in the country, 300 thousand pounds is about 80 US dollars and this figure is higher than the salary of most government employees.

Link to the role reservation system to obtain a passport: www syria visa sy passport

On Monday, May 23, 2022, the Syrian government announced, through the Ministry of Interior, the opening of acceptance and registration for the electronic device of the Syrian passport. In front of all male and female citizens, whether they reside in the country or abroad. Where you can use the link to book a Syrian passport 2022 Http www.Visa passport to Syria. And follow some simple steps that came as follows:

  • In the first step, you need to go directly to the website of the Syrian Immigration and Passport Authority.
  • In the second step, you need to select the system for reserving the role of the Syrian passport.
  • Third: Enter the applicant’s verification code Fill in all the personal information required of you, given the accuracy of the writing.
  • Fourth: Select the service to be implemented from the list of available electronic services on the main page of the website.
  • Fifth: You must select the correct date and time to complete the service.
  • Sixth: You will be told the date and time of booking, which must be saved.

We also assure our precious followers that they can book the role of a Syrian passport by following all the explanations mentioned in the video below. Note that at the moment, the website of the Syrian Immigration and Passports Authority, http www.Syria visa passport, is witnessing horrific searches, which caused the site to crash and you may try to access it from time to time successfully complete the registration process.

Documents required to obtain a 2022 Syrian passport

All Syrian citizens wishing to renew or obtain a passport must attach many of the required documents and documents specified by the Syrian Ministry of Interior and declare as follows:

  1. Recruitment document.
  2. Then the approval of the work.
  3. Also the consent of the guardian.
  4. Document proving identity.
  5. Fill out the form.
  6. Photos of the applicant.
  7. Pay the required fees.

Syrian passport fees 2022

The Syrian Ministry of Interior has set all the fees for the Syrian passport, after the completion of the registration process in connection with the role booking system to obtain the passport: www syria visa sy passport. The fees are as follows:

  • The cost of obtaining an ordinary passport for citizens (within the country) is 50 thousand Syrian pounds
  • Passport fees (immediate) for citizens (within the country) 102000 Syrian pounds.
  • The normal passport fee is $ 300 for immigrants abroad
  • $ 800 for emergency passport abroad

The interface of the official website also includes a link to the platform for booking the role of the Syrian passport, the Syrian visa passport. Immigration and passports. The Syrian Interior Ministry welcomes any citizen wishing to book or renew a new passport. The process of entering data electronically has been facilitated and all required documents have been respected with the payment of fees according to the standards. Listed by the Syrian Ministry.

Link to the platform for booking the role of the Syrian passport

According to what is being circulated on various websites dealing with passport issues in Syria, many sources have confirmed that the number of citizens who have applied for a Syrian passport is currently more than three million male and female citizens from inside and outside the country. country. the state wishing to obtain a new Syrian passport.According to the conditions and steps announced by the Syrian Ministry of Interior.

The Interior Ministry also confirmed that the Immigration and Passport website is currently open to select and reserve a date for booking a 2022 Syrian passport role for all Syrian state citizens residing inside and outside the country of all sects. according to conditions and controls. announced by the ministry in advance, with the obligation to bring all the documents and documents required with the payment of fees depending on the type of passport you wish to obtain.

Syrian Immigration and Passports Platform

After the Syrian state has recognized a kind of security stability, most of its citizens living abroad seek to return to their homes and cities, as Syria was previously considered one of the relatively rich countries in natural resources and the Syrian individual stands out. from his activity and love of work.Registration and obtaining a passport is easy electronically.

Here we come to the end of this article, which we talked about in detail and accurately. In the most important stages through which it is possible to book a role to get a new Syrian passport. By accessing the website of the Syrian Immigration and Passport Authority.

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