Gazeta Riad | Municipal violations and fines drive investors and enterprises out of the market

A request to expedite the implementation of public transport bus lane projects in accordance with the royal directive

Municipal violations and fines drive investors and enterprises out of the market

Calls to speed up the operation of public transport buses

The list of fines and penalties for municipal violations contributed to the exclusion of many investors and small enterprises from the market due to these fines, which, according to Shura member Dr. Samia Bukhari, call for a break to follow this and that there. may be a defect in the implementation of the system by some inspectors, and Shura member asked the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, she stressed that the number of bridges completed was 18 in the year of the report 42-1443, and the number of tunnels. was two, while the pedestrian bridges 25, and she said that number is too small, whether as a new achievement or maintenance of what is ruined, and Bukhari mentioned the incident of the death of two children drowned in the swamp in one of obstructive tunnels in the city of Tabuk six years ago. I find recent statistics of overturning cases as a result of crossing the road, but the old statistics are high and in the hope that they will decrease, there remains an urgent need to increase the number of pedestrian bridges in cities and enforcement In terms of the quality of roads within cities, Bukhari noted the low satisfaction of beneficiaries, as it reached 45%, according to the ministry report. He called on the Housing and Utilities Committee to review the low indicators and questioned the authority’s measures to improve them. .

black pages

Dr. Aisha Arishi pointed out that on the paved roads inside the cities and villages there are black places for the permanent collection of rainwater, which hinders the movement of traffic, whether for pedestrians or vehicles, as well as due to the high level of waste. food. and the efforts made by the Ministry for this, including the inauguration of the National Ash Preservation Foundation, Arishi stressed the importance of ensuring that the ministry has branches in all regions of the Kingdom because of its importance in ash conservation and expanding activation. the role of the third sector in promoting community awareness of ash abuse.

Within the competencies of the Ministry, in accordance with Article 5 of the Municipal System to avoid harm to large animals and prey, and circulating incidents of attacks on the population, especially stray dogs, Arishi sees interest in finding urgent implementation plans in in order to reduce them. impact on the population and their animal wealth, after studies to limit them by relying on remote sensor techniques and to benefit from global experiences in it.

Public transport

Regarding the annual report of the Public Transport Authority, Engineer Nabih Abdel Mohsen Al-Barahim spoke on the Transport Committee’s recommendation for the development of public transport bus stations within cities and the diversification of their routes to improve the attractiveness of public transport options. for citizens. And information technology on the report of the Public Transport Authority for the year 38-1439, which stipulated that the authority should coordinate with the relevant authorities to designate special lanes for public transport buses to increase the efficiency of movement within cities. The Transport Authority ensures the approval of the Shura Council decision and directs the Council of Ministers to the Transport Authority in coordination with the relevant authorities to complete the allocation of special lanes for public transport buses in the cities of the Kingdom to increase intra-city transport efficiency and approve fulfilling what is required accordingly.

The Public Transport Authority’s report for fiscal year 1442-1443 was discussed under the heading Challenge and Proposals in the third challenge entitled Lack of Public Transport from Kingdom Cities, indicating that the authority worked to create an article. for the functioning of the public transport project network within the budget of the regional secretariats, as well as presented a voice specifically for the implementation of the public transport network infrastructure within the budget of the county municipality. The authority also worked on the approval of public transport. projects in Kingdom cities such as Dammam metropolis, Qatif governor, Jazan metropolis, Sabya, Abu Arish, Buraidah, Onaiza, Taif and Medina, which were launched as the first phase this year. The implementation phases of these projects have not started until this date, and what has happened is all the administrative and financial work, which are undoubtedly important as the necessary prelude to the implementation of any project. I see the redirection of the fourth recommendation to get its clear practical framework according to the data I mentioned above. start implementing private lane projects for public transport buses ”based on the generous directive mentioned above.

Educational calendar

On the other hand, the Education and Scientific Research Committee is studying the comments of Shura members regarding the annual report of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission.Dr. Hisham Al-Fares noted the great importance of academic accreditation, but the size of the requirements required to obtain certain types of accreditation, with its constant updating to renew accreditation Periodically, it has become an obsession and a heavy burden for universities Saudi, and Dr. Alia Al-Dahlawi called on the Education and Training Authority of the Assessment Authority to intensify efforts in harmonizing procedures for accreditation processes in proportion to the next stage to achieve integration with the Ministry of Education in the three-semester system to ensure programs receive accreditation nationally in proportion to the next Phase, Dr. Fahd Al -Takhifi called for enabling the authority to obtain data on education and training in real time, in line with the policies of the National Data Management Office for data classification and sharing. Major General Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi called on the authority to study the reasons for the low level of student performance in local and international education indicators.

A request to see the mechanisms of communal violations

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