Fashion with positive energy inspired by Abaya of the Emirates

Dialogu: Maha Adel
The search for positive energy sources and psychological stability is one of the most important topics that occupies many seekers of happiness in life. Studies have proven that nature is one of the most important sources of positive energy, joy and relaxation. Energy therapists also found that focusing on natural elements helps restore personal balance. From this point of view, a set of modern models capable of controlling energy levels in the body were released in Dubai. loose of the Emirates.

Margaery Otis, spiritual healer and founder of Kimono Girl, tells us about the idea of ​​the energy fashion project derived from the elements of nature and says: “Clothes are the strength of an individual and an important tool to express their personality because they are something . Which combines the fluency and beauty of the concepts of “energy therapy”, which gives women the ability to unfold their personality through the design of the modern silk kimono, which reflects our influence on the patterns of the beautiful abbeys of the Emirates.

She adds: We chose the kimono because it dates back more than 1000 years, and since then it has remained a symbol of longevity and good luck, and over the centuries the kimono has crossed borders beyond the Far East to become a symbol of fashion everywhere. the world, where it is now worn as an everyday “casual” part, or as a symbol of Fashion and elegance on the red carpet.

Margerie reveals to us the features of her limited group of “Natural Elements Kimones” that represent the four elements in nature “air, earth, fire and water.” She says: Each part is characterized by a special nature that distinguishes it. from the other and each emits a specific vibration and has a specific characteristic, each design carries the strength and wisdom of the element it symbolizes, and is charged with “positive energy” to bring balance and harmony to the user. Since each piece is handmade, each kimono has only 25 pieces. Each kimono is woven from Indian silk, hand-stitched and embroidered with mastery, precision and elegance using enduring techniques transmitted centuries ago. We have used this idea to expand the scope and concept of clothing therapy.

Ground kimono

Marjorie explains the features of each kimono, which represents a different element of nature and says: Every woman chooses a kimono that attracts or represents her needs, for example, if she needs more roots and balance, she should have a kimono soil. Representing the earth, or earth, the source and basis of life, the essence of existence, the close connection with the way of life, and the strength of family roots. The earth kimono design simulates an emerald forest. The exterior of the kimono is adorned with stunning botanical and hummingbird designs, while an adorable beaded, hand-embroidered dragon adorns the back of the kimono. The inside is of luxurious purple viscose silk, and the mantra is hand-embroidered on the front opening of the kimono. The bottom is decorated with long hand-tied fringes that move.

air kimono

Otis adds: The air kimono, which represents innate intelligence, goodwill, vitality and communication, is light and comfortable. The airy kimono is designed in a loose fit with a large hood and is woven from lightweight silk zhorgette, giving it a vibrant look that is comfortable and airy. The edge of the kimono is decorated with hummingbirds in soft and delicate colors.

fire kimono

The fire kimono symbolizes energy as a means of transformation and represents the ability to connect with personal strength and inner strength. Fire is characterized by its ability to transform and technical. Designed to resemble the movement of a raging flame, this kimono is paved in fiery red, folded in a way that adds glamorous dimensions to the design, with flame-like flowers that bloom and liven up as you move. An elite group of expert artisans who have inherited this craft and technique from generation to generation embroider the front opening of the kimono with beads and hand-embroidered with the coat of arms, each piece requires 70 hours to make.

kimono uji

Its design embodies water, which symbolizes flow, permanent change, passion and sensitivity, symbolizing healing, purity, strength, change and unconditional love, and the water kimono represents emotional and sensory liberation, intuition and rebirth. The traditional Japanese water kimono uses the ancient shibori dyeing technique, which uses folding, sewing and dressing techniques, ending each kimono with a completely unique design, like the reflection of water in the ocean. This kimono can be worn on both sides. The inner face is made of satin and cotton silk with a hand embroidered mantra on the front opening of the kimono.

strong meanings

On how to activate the four elements of nature in each kimono, Marjorie says: Each kimono is embroidered individually and naturally with a strong sense and an experienced energy expert charges the kimono with the right stimulating frequencies of positive energy. Amazingly, a card is attached to each client that includes their mantra, positive sayings and resonant assertions to help them open up the body’s energy centers.

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