Designer Dana Abu Ahmed: My clothes make women feel good, comfortable and energetic

Since launching her brand in 2011, Dubai-based Saudi stylist Dana Abu Ahmed has built strong pillars for her brand of lightweight elegance. A brand that pushes the boundaries with its thoughtful approach to transforming luxury textiles into a modern wardrobe. Her models combine contrasting materials into one look, blurring the line between day wear and evening wear. Learn more about this talented stylist through this special interview with her.

Designed by Dana Abu Ahmed

Write us in the details of your beginnings in the fashion world.

Although fashion has always been my passion, I initially started working in the corporate world. Halfway through my career, a voice called me fashionable. I thought it would start with opening a store, but as soon as I realized I wanted to create my own brand.

Who is Dana Abu Ahmed?

I ask myself this question sometimes, as I am a woman with many identities: I am a mother, creative, entrepreneur, CEO and most importantly, a good person. All this makes me who I am and nourishes my soul in different ways.

Tell us about your latest collection.

My most recent collection is my first major post after the Corona pandemic. It was a small group, with the idea of ​​coming back to life. Especially work life. The collection includes jumpsuit designs, which is one of the main elements of our brand. This jumpsuit is usually inspired by men’s dress, but this time I added handmade details, which add to the uniqueness of each piece.

What parts do you like to design?

My collections usually include jumpsuits and long flowing dresses.

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Unique and lively clothing

Prefer classic or modern style .. Why?

I am not a classic person when it comes to the fashion world and the word “modern” can be too broad for me. A woman can wear a complete design that does not follow any of the prevailing trends in the fashion world in detail and looks modern with distinctiveness. Let’s just say I like unique, comfortable and vibrant clothes.

Where do your groups usually get their inspiration from?

Life and experience are my main inspiration. My designs are inspired by what I live in every moment: what I see, what I notice, where I come from, memories, who I am and, of course, travel.

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Arabic roots

Designed by stylist Dana Abu Ahmed

Do your Arab roots inspire you?

Of course my Arab roots inspire me because I am what I am. It inspires me more through my life experiences and my memories. This inspiration is really alive, rich in cultural aspects and many more …

What does travel represent to you?

Traveling is an essential part of my life and one of the most important things I want to do. No matter what kind of trip I make: to learn about other cultures, to new places, to see different landscapes, to be influenced by the colors and scents of the places I visit .. the list goes on, but most importantly, to it all feeds my sources of inspiration and role models.

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what is your favorite book

I have many favorite books, but for some reason I always remember how I felt when I finished The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini and Riverhead Books.

I am currently reading “The Queen of Paris” that my son bought me, written by Pamela Binnings Ewen and Goodreads. I like to read biographies of prominent figures of history, especially fashion history, and “The Queen of Paris” is about the stylist Coco Chanel.

who is your favorite stylist?

There are many … I have no favorite stylist, but in the introduction I mention Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Dries Van Noten … But I have to share my fascination with Iris Van Herpen. A real artist.

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etiquette woman

Designed by stylist Dana Abu Ahmed

Who is the woman you are designing for?

He is made up of many women, but what they have in common is that they face life’s challenges head on. Women like to wear something different, and that’s what it’s all about our brand, as our designs aim to make every woman feel good.

How do you reflect the taste of Arab women through your models?

The models are innovative around the idea that they can be worn in any way a woman wants. This makes the pieces versatile, and not just worn by Arab women.

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Successful designer skills

What are the skills needed for a successful stylist in the Arab world?

It depends on what success means. A stylist can do four stunning pieces a year and consider himself successful. But if we talk about the traditional meaning of success, it has many branches. The designer must be creative, knowing how to create and design the piece, as well as choose fabrics and colors. And understanding the movement of fabrics. It is also important that he be aware of his present and future, while preserving his identity. Also, understanding what the client wants is one of the most important characteristics of a successful stylist, so that he can follow his progress on social media, for example. One of the most important talents and one of the most challenging for me personally, is the ability to make decisions.

As a stylist, what challenges has the Corona pandemic set for you?

The pandemic affected sales. During the home quarantine period, women did not wear much outdoor clothing but preferred to buy sportswear and pajamas.

Our feelings have changed since the beginning of this difficult period and our thinking is focused on survival, continuity and thinking about the next step. It has been a difficult period filled with feelings and fears and has affected us in all aspects.

The designer usually thinks about creativity and inventing everything new, but in this period we have to think about sustainability. Now we are not only looking at the design of the next collection, but we are also thinking about how we can continue our work. It has changed the way I think about him as the president of an organization, and accordingly I am implementing changes in my work and I hope these changes are positive for my clients and the world at large.

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

Deri diku po.

Where can we find your models?

Today we focus on online shopping through our website and other online shopping sites.

What are your plans for the future?

New publications, collaborations and movies about fashion.

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