Young Lebanese artists dive into ‘NFT’ to challenge odds … Important tips for beginners

Ahmed Bagdadi

The term “NFT” has become popular in recent months, and has become the watch verb in the tech world. From the conversion of the first tweet in the Twitter app to “NFT” and its sale for a value of 2.9 million dollars, to the launch of large trading companies from “Adidas” to “Lambergin”, “McDonald’s” and others for “theirs”. NFTs ”With them we can see that this technology has taken the whole world by surprise.

In this context, a group of young Lebanese artists launched an initiative to encourage and assist promising artists to enter the world of “NFT” and to create a space for meetings and exchange of ideas and information, which they called ” NFT LB “.


The group held a forum for Lebanese artists last Saturday in Beirut. An-Nahar attended the event and met with a number of artists and gallery owners in Lebanon. ?

? “NFT LB”

a tool for a purpose

In all the conversations we saw during this forum, the expression “We can now live comfortably as artists” was a tyrant on everyone’s lips. ?

In their eyes, NFT is a way out for them from a world full of difficulties and underestimation. Artists in our country often suffer from a lack of support and appreciation, so they find in this technique a way to live a “dignified” life. ?

In an interview with “An-Nahar”, Toni, a young Lebanese illustrator, stated that the main reason for his attempt to enter the world of “NFT” is to provide this technology as a new platform for artists to sell their addition to giving them financial security by presenting continuous returns on their business in all future sales.

On the other hand, Nicolas, a graphic artist, said: “The reason for his entry into the world of ‘NFT’ is because this technology is the only way that allows the artist to make money using his art.” ?

Apparently, the main reason that pushes all these young people to dive into this world is materialism in the first place, as these young people do not get the proper support from a country that does not consider art as a profession and does not give. value for artists.

Anis El-Gamal (@anicornofficial)

Difficulties and obstacles

In a country where the most basic necessities of life are lacking, digital artists in Lebanon are suffering from some problems in light of a living crisis that affects all the poles of this country. From permanent power outages and high generator tariffs, artists face many difficulties as they are completely dependent on the computer. ?

And not only that, if they decide to start working in the field of “NFT”, they will face more obstacles, as the Lebanese state prevents the trading of digital currencies and these people often turn to currency brokers to start their journey and any the time when they want to transfer their profits from sales to money This will add extra cost to their work and a loss on their profits.

Mahmoud Al Sammak (@tastymachines)

a hand

What distinguishes this group is the atmosphere of familiarity and connection that you can feel from the moment you meet them. The owners of art galleries and collectors of “NFTs” try to help each other and acquaint the newcomers with the mysteries of this world, so that they avoid the mistakes and difficulties they may encounter.


Shireen Sbeity (Limbo)

In an interview with Joe Hajj, one of the founders of “NFT LB”, he told us about his journey with “NFT”, after graduating in cinema from the Jesuit University in Lebanon and after 13 years of work. traveling the world of film, he decided that Joe should quit his job and focus on the NFT because of his belief that this technology would have a huge impact in the near future.

Xho Haxhi

Joe stressed the extent of the NFT’s influence on the Lebanese road, especially after the downturn in the banking sector. “Most of the innovators turned to digital currencies and the NFT as an alternative to the banking sector, and used it as a way to invest their money,” he said. ?

And he talked about the rally, saying that “the idea started after he met young people through social media, and these rallies started with ten people until they became more than 100 people. His goal is to help emerging artists enter in the world of “NFT”. “presenting Tips, information and even free educational courses on NFT, cryptocurrency and how to start their career in this medium.

For artists … here’s how you get into the world of “NFT”

In the following we are giving the necessary information that will help any artist who seeks to enter the world of “NFT” to start his career. ?

The artist must follow the steps and download applications to help him create and promote his NFT. ?

Download the Binance app, a cryptocurrency trading app. ?

Download the “MetaMask” application to use it as a cryptocurrency portfolio. ?

– Download the app “Twitter” and “ClubHouse” to promote his business. ?

Anyone wishing to start their own NFT business on the OpenSea platform must pay a one-time fee. This fee ranges from $ 30 to $ 100, paid at Ethereum. This currency can be purchased through the “Binance” application and then transferred to the digital wallet. ?


The NFT can then be uploaded to the OpenSea website and the portfolio can be linked to the person’s account for the purpose of paying the fee. In doing so, “NFT” will be offered for sale on the Platform. ?

The artist should use social media platforms to market his work and often uses the Twitter and ClubHouse apps to promote it, especially through Twitter Space where there is space to talk and present the works of artists and even seek support from other artists.

Joe Richa (Matalino)

To see young Lebanese people who have not yet given up hope and stand side by side in an effort to build a dignified life is a wonderful thing and is the best proof of the resilience of some of the younger generation and their constant search. for the best.

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