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Barcelona are looking to strengthen their ranks with new players at the summer Mercato, led by Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski. However, the financial problems currently suffering the Catalan team and debts amounting to more than one billion euros, make it unable to meet the financial requirements required by Bayern Munich to allow its goal scorer to be transferred to the Spanish League. , despite Lewandowski’s own assertion about his desire to change the atmosphere after 12 years in the German League (Bundesliga).

Barcelona offered 32 million to acquire Lewandowski’s services, but Bayern Munich are asking for at least 50 million to give up the services of its Polish star, who has a contract with the Bavarian club until the summer of 2023.

In the face of Barcelona’s financial difficulties, the club’s members, in an extraordinary general meeting on Thursday (June 16th), overwhelmingly approved two proposals from Barcelona president Joan Laporta, which include a short-term plan to obtain new financial resources that will allow you to pump around 700 million into the club’s treasury and restore its balance.

At the meeting, which lasted about four hours, club members decided, according to German website NTV, to sell a 49.9 per cent stake in Barcelona Trading and Licensing (BLM), a company owned by the club responsible for licensing and promoting the business. clubs. Also, 25 percent of television broadcasting rights were sold for a maximum of 25 years.

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona

Financial liquidity that will restore “life” to Barcelona

The first deal is expected to bring the Catalans a sum of around 200 million euros, while the second deal will return to the club treasury an amount estimated between 500 and 550 million. Barcelona is the Spanish club most profitable from television broadcasting revenues, as the Catalan club received a total of 165.6 million euros in television revenues in the 2020/2021 season, while Real Madrid earned around 163 million euros.

Laporta, who has been the club’s president since 2021, urged members to agree to the move, saying before the meeting, “Barcelona was dead. We are now in intensive care. If these measures are approved, we will be released from the hospital. “.

It is worth noting that there is a group of players whose names were linked with Barcelona at the summer Mercato, including Manchester City player Bernardo Silva and Napoli’s Senegalese international defender Kalidou Kolbali, but Barcelona’s plan to restructure financial issues in the long run, which includes salary cuts cost from around 560 million euros this season to around 560 million euros this season.400 million euros could prevent the inclusion of a large number of stars from the Catalan club.

Despite this, Lewandowski remains Barcelona’s first target in future contracts and perhaps the new financial liquidity the team will receive could help him win the services of the Bundesliga top scorer.

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