Shocking secrets for Georgina .. She fell in love with this person before Ronaldo and surprises in her wealth and profession before fame

The name of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to many models, TV stars and beauty queens in the world, but the life of the world football star changed after meeting an employee in a Gucci store.

It is natural for a player and a personality of Cristiano Ronaldo’s stature to have a lot of emotional adventures, as he is always surrounded by beauties who admire him, so his name has been associated with more than one woman since he was in the ranks of Manchester United. , then Real Madrid and finally Juventus.

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Probably one of the most famous and longest romantic relationships Ronaldo has experienced was during his relationship with the beautiful Russian model Irina Shayk, whose fame has multiplied dozens of times thanks to the relationship with the Portuguese star and at that time he was a player. in the ranks of Real Madrid. But the relationship did not last because of the hidden problems between Don’s mother and the Russian beauty. The mother was not convinced that Irina would be the life partner of the best player in the world, so the unexpected decision to separate was at the end of 2014.

Irina Shayk’s scene ended and the Spanish name Georgina Rodriguez began to shine, so who is this girl who radically changed Ronaldo’s life?

Born on January 27, 1994, to an Argentine father and a Spanish mother, she grew up in the small town of Jaca in northeastern Spain in the province of Huesca, and lived a quiet life early in her life, and everything changed after meeting with former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016.

According to some reports, Georgina’s father, of Argentine origin, Jorge Rodriguez, was a footballer, but the British newspaper “Sun” said that the man sold cocaine and spent 10 years in prison for drug smuggling. Georgina’s mother moved to Rome and the girl had to arrange her own life, so she found a job as a saleswoman in the Gucci store, where she met Cristiano.

Coincidence played a big role in the love story that Ronaldo is currently experiencing with the mother of his child, “Ana Martina”.

Georgina Rodriguez recounts her first meeting with Ronaldo, saying: I first met her at the Gucci store in 2016, where I worked as a saleswoman and then the meeting was repeated days later in another store, then we were . able to talk in a cozy atmosphere, outside the work environment, we fell Ronaldo and I are in love at first sight.

Model Rodriguez said of her love for Ronaldo: “It’s not easy to be a celebrity partner, but I will not replace him with the whole world. What I feel is stronger than anything else, any kind of pressure. “Together we are stronger and there is mutual admiration, but seduction is one thing, very important.”

Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter, Ana Martina, in November 2017, just five months after the birth of Portuguese twins, Eva and Matthew, by a surrogate mother. The soccer star also has an older son, Cristiano Jr., 11 (June 17, 2010), with an unidentified American woman.

Ronaldo first appeared with Georgina officially, in January 2017, when she attended with him at the “Golden Ball” award ceremony, which was crowned by the Portuguese.

Ronaldo loves success for himself and his family members, so he has played a big role in the fame of Georgina Rodriguez in the past years. He not only made her responsible for raising four children, but also put her on the map. of ball fashion. home for women, and she became a propaganda front for many companies and a member of a famous ballet team. .

Ronaldo gave Georgina, who confirmed that wealth and luxury are not important to her, the right to run a hair transplant clinic he opened a year ago in the Spanish capital, Madrid, and she will soon have a clothing line with its own brand.

Before meeting Cristiano, Georgina worked as a saleswoman for an international brand and it is said that this gave her the opportunity to meet the famous football star, but after their relationship began, she became the cover of magazine covers. and became the advertising and promotional face for many brands, which enabled her to receive very large sums of money.

Georgina’s fortune is estimated at around $ 10 million, which she amassed in just 4 years.

And Georgina Rodriguez is the only clear female link in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life, and rumors surfaced about their secret wedding ceremony in Morocco during the 2019 summer holidays, but the Juventus player denied it, and she also denied it, but the marriage official will be soon. .

Her boyfriend in front of Ronaldo

Semana magazine revealed that Georgina Rodriguez was in a romantic relationship with Spanish photographer Javi when they were in high school, before her relationship with player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The discovery of this relationship came through the research of the old relationships of the participants in the reality show, due to the great media interest and the constant pursuit of the heroes of the episodes through social networks, and among these heroes, the new photograph. , Javi, whose excavations in his past revealed his relationship with Georgina Rodriguez.

The magazine said model Georgina Rodriguez, an Argentine of Spanish descent, was in her teens in love with a young Spanish photographer. He is 27 years old from Huesca, Spain.

The report published by “Semana” said that this attractive young photographer was studying at the same institute where she was Cristiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend, in Jaca and the two started a romantic relationship that ended when model Georgina Rodriguez decided, at the age of 17- annual. The move to live in the Spanish capital, Madrid, the magazine even published a photo years ago showing Georgina with Javi.

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