In the presence of a group of male and female stylists..Azlal holds the first Majlis and celebrates the opening of “Fayada”

Given the importance of building a culture of knowledge, empowering and keeping pace with change, the company “Azlal” held its first council for young Saudi design students and designers, in a dual-objective event, during which celebrated with the stylist Abdulaziz Al- He made the opening of his project “Fayida”, which is a company of services and design solutions in the field of vehicle design.
The event, which was held at Fayda’s headquarters in Riyadh, was attended by Princess Noura Al-Faisal, founder of the Azlal platform, with the company’s team, and brought together under its roof more than fifty stylists from the field of different. such as product design, graphic design, architecture, etc., and allowed attendees to express their aspirations and ideas through Through prepared questions addressing the needs of designers, the difficulties they face, and their aspirations for the future .

Princess Noura Al-Faisal: We make sure the design environment is rich in areas and opportunities

Princess Noura Al-Faisal

For her part, Princess Noura Al-Faisal said: “Azlal started as a consulting company as it is the easiest way to communicate with the design community, but from the beginning our plan was to expand our branches and work with everyone , and the main goal is to make the soil fertile for the growing generation and teach them how to implement and adapt to the rapid changes produced by the wheel. The very rapid development that distinguishes the Kingdom from all the nations of the world. “
She continued: “This council is the first step and is a network that evolves with development and a platform for designers to communicate, interact, exchange ideas, talk about new projects and research variables and we created through research an idea about the needs of the design community, but it was necessary to listen to them and the answers to the Questions we asked show us what the council means to them and what they expect from it, as we need to interest The design environment, and not just the designer as a designer, so what is the environment that benefits and is rich in areas and opportunities, and that we discover the needs of society, the missing elements, the contributing factors and the right strategies.
She added: “We believe in the theory of connecting points and gathering all the elements of work from designers in the academic sector, in the government sector to large companies and we understand that all great ideas and projects need designers, so we shed light on local experiences and local creators, because in our society there is creativity and ideas It exists and the younger generation has imaginative enthusiasm and we have a large number of male and female graduates every year and we have to we benefit from them. ”
Al-Faisal considered that “Azlal” supports the designer Abdul Aziz for two reasons, the first is that he is the first car designer in the Kingdom and the second is that he is a generous person to the community. “We have a lot of designers and creators who have studied abroad, worked and settled abroad, but the person who comes back and wants to raise awareness, work and support the younger generation, this is the one who needs to be supported.”
She added, “We have noticed that he has a large following and a large number of his followers are young women, and this means that Saudi women are moving into new professional fields and new unexpected interests. and outside the classification frameworks (i.e. this job for young people and this job for young women).

Abdulaziz Al-Obeid: My dream has come true

Designer Abdulaziz Al-Obaid

As for the stylist, Abdul Aziz Al-Obeid, he said: “Faida” has always been a dream for me, thank God, today the dream comes true. ” He added: “We have encountered many difficulties in the beginning of education. and how to start with our first correct steps to practice this job and create the right team for it, and I think the biggest challenges are having the will and the courage to take such a step. ”
Regarding the scope of work of “Fayida”, he said: “We design different types of vehicles based on the wishes of customers, as well as design vehicles for people with special needs, and the car we have designed in this area is more small. car in the world for two people with determination and is highly admired, and we hope our models will reach For the communities that need it, we also offer workshops and events to enable Saudi stylists to lead the design vision for products world class. ”
Al-Obaid thanked all those who supported him in achieving his dream, saying: “My thanks go to the guardians, King Salman bin Abdulaziz – may God protect him – and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – may God protect him. him – and my family and my Mother in particular and the team that worked day and night to achieve what we have achieved, as I thank Azlal for the support from the beginning, given that our presence in the Kingdom is the last, not the last more than a year after the first location was in Los Angeles, and they helped us adapt and reach the target group from the public sector, companies and others, and we collaborated at the Saudi Design Festival and worked together We we have connected points between students, education and industry, and we have achieved amazing results. ”

Comments from attendees:

Rahoum Al-Arifi, a product designer, said: “I’m participating in this council today because I’m interested in learning about ways to expand design fields in the Kingdom and introduce more people to our specialization. because we face a lot of difficulties in I would like to thank Azlal for his support of stylists in the Kingdom. ”

Manar Asiri

On her part, Manar Asiri, student and product designer said: “I congratulate Mr. Abdel Aziz for the opening of his company Faida and wish him success. For this advice I am proud of the presence of this space that brings together stylists and innovators within the field. “I liked the questions asked to the audience because they focus on the designers, their needs, interests and support so that they have a bright future.”

As for Mohamed Mounir Khader, a graphic designer, he said: “I attend the Majlis as a graphic artist to present to his visitors drawings that include their names, as a reminder of this remarkable event, through which Azal aims to support talented designers. “

For his part, Khaled Al-Mashrawi, an architect, considered that “the Azal community is an evolving community that cares about the design community in the Kingdom and works to strengthen it in terms of information and implementation, and questions raised by the Council are questions that always come to the minds of stylists and seek answers to them. ”

Rania Al-Obaid

Rania Al-Obaid, a graphic designer, expressed her pride in her brother’s success and said: “I am here to support my creative brother because this is the dream of his life and he has worked hard and put “all his abilities to achieve this dream. and thank you Azal for this fruitful cooperation.”

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