How to deal with a nervous teenager

A girl in adolescence undergoes many hormonal and psychological changes; What generates in her cases anger and anxiety, and a feeling of excessive nervousness, besides the nature of the atmosphere that surrounds her and the impact of her relationship with her parents; What makes her disagree with them, and the result is that the girl sometimes takes on the character of isolation and introversion in her social relationships, for this it was necessary to first look for the reasons for the teenage girl’s nervousness and how to deal with them. second. Meeting and family expert Dr. Ibtihaj, students of the Faculty of Education.

years of adolescence

Adolescence begins at the age of thirteen
  • A girl’s adolescence begins at the age of thirteen and continues into nineteen, and possibly years later, depending on the completion of her studies.
  • The role of parents is to know how to behave with their daughter at this critical age, provide her with care and attention, and stay away from monitoring or interfering with her details.
  • Interfering with the details of adolescence life leads to stubbornness and irritability and strains him forever.
  • A nervous teenager is one who refuses to be a copy of her mother; She becomes equal to her mother as an expression of her rejection of her.
  • Parents should avoid harsh treatment of the nervous teenager in front of others, but rather should be respected.

Causes of adolescent nervousness

Trying yourself and hiding secrets is a cause of teenage nervousness
  • First: Because of her inability to manage and organize her time, and her inability to harmonize her study hours, and to do her sports activities or hobbies that she enjoys every day, and consequently , the increase in those activities and the difficulty of educational curricula, can lead to the inability to enjoy her life and her nervousness becomes excessive.
  • Second: The nervousness of adolescence comes because it hides its secrets; Many teenage girls do this deliberately for fear that their parents will find out, reprimand them, and perhaps prevent them from enjoying the pleasure of meeting friends. Among these secrets: the decline of the scientific level or the failure in a certain subject.
  • Third: Adolescents also become irritable because of their feelings of tension and lack of focus and attention as a result of family neglect of their teenage daughter’s emotional desires.
  • Fourth: The failure of parents to take the time to listen to the teenage girl’s problems, or to treat her equally with the rest of her siblings, especially men, and by not appreciating what she does; This makes him take nervous behaviors as a way to get their attention.

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Tips on how to deal with a nervous teens:

Teenage learning how to organize her time!

Teach your teenage daughter how to combine study and hobby
  • Organizing time is beneficial for adolescence, e.g. setting a schedule for study hours per week and time for exercise and hobbies; This helps him not to feel any shortcomings in daily lessons and tasks.

Communicating with a teenager eases her nervousness

  • Constant communication of the parents with the teenage girl can help her and this happens by taking time to listen to her ideas, dreams, projects and giving her the best advice that would help her solve her problems and cope with the circumstances of her life in a better way.

Provide care and attention

Dealing with love and attention and avoiding the method of observation
  • Care and attention and stay away from the method that depends on observing, or interfering with the details of the life and private affairs of their teenage daughter; What makes him use stubbornness and nervousness.
  • Dealing with love, care and complete care; Reduces the nervousness of the teenage girl, so she should not be equated with her mother and a copy of her, as an expression of rejection of the mother’s behavior with her.
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Avoid harsh treatment

Discuss her problems with your teenage daughter
  • Parents should avoid harsh treatment of the nervous teenager, especially in front of others, but it should be respected.
  • listen calmly and attentively; This nervous teenager needs love and attention, more than any request.
  • Discuss her problems with her and tell your teenage child real-life stories about the importance of making friends and damaging friendships caused by bad people.

Avoid comparing your daughter to her peers

Do not compare your daughter with her classmates
  • Adolescents by nature are trying to prove themselves all the time. What makes him make a great effort causes him anxiety, tension and irritability.
  • You simply reject everything, without explaining the reason for the rejection or giving no reason; Just to prove that she is a decision maker.
  • The role of parents is to acknowledge this stubbornness, to tolerate nervousness and most importantly to reduce orders that increase the psychological pressure on the teenage girl; What makes him turn to isolation and negative thoughts.
  • The mother should sympathize with him; Be very careful in comparing her daughter to her friends or even one of her relatives, which can weaken her self-confidence and increase her stubbornness and nervousness.
  • Fathers need to teach their teenage daughters how to speak politely and calmly, how to present their thoughts without nervousness and emotion, and how to apologize in case of error; That reduces nervousness.

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