Gulf News | Minister of Commerce: Signing of two free trade agreements this year, renovation of Kia showroom with one and a half million dollars

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Photo by Abdul Amir Al-Salatneh:

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Zayed Al-Zayani, has announced the completion of the signing of two free trade agreements before the end of this year, indicating that one of those agreements with the United Kingdom.

Al-Zayani said in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the new Kia showroom yesterday, Thursday (June 16, 2022) It was agreed within the Gulf Cooperation Council system to jointly sign future agreements of free trade of the Gulf.

Al-Zayani stressed that the Arab Gulf states are negotiating the signing of 7 agreements with blocs and international countries: the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Korea, China, New Zealand and Australia. “We hope to complete the signing of one or two agreements by the end of 2022.” Through these agreements, the Arab Gulf states seek to open up more global markets for Gulf goods and merchandise to increase the share of the Gulf region in global GDP, which currently stands at 5.%.

Bin Hindi Motors opened its new exhibition for the Kia brand in the Al-Aker area yesterday and is the first exhibition to go along with it With the new standards Kia becomes the first Kia dealer in the Middle East and Africa to adopt the identity brand new. The cost of the exhibition, which was created on an area of ​​18 thousand square meters, was approximately one and a half million US dollars.

The new Kia exhibition was opened under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Zayed Al Zayani, and in the presence of Abdullah Ahmed Bin Hindi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abdullah Bin Hindi Group and Board members Ahmed, Khaled, Nawaf and Abdulaziz Ben Hindi.

During the opening ceremony, Bin Hindi Motors announced the official launch of the brand new Sportage, which is a utility sports vehicle that has been carefully designed to inspire customers with its stunning interior and exterior design.

Kia Sportage 2023 opens a new era for one of the most sought after models of the brand, with a comprehensive and exciting redesign. The fifth generation model defies design standards and takes the Kia Sportage identity to another level, honoring its rich heritage.

It also launched the Kia Carens model designed for the modern family, which features comfortable and spacious three-row seats with the longest wheelbase in its class. The car comes with safety packagingHellosecureAs standard on all models, it includes 6 airbags, making it one of Safely’s most popular cars.

Ahmed Bin Hendi, Vice President and CEO of Abdullah Ahmed Bin Hendi Group of Companies, said: Bin Hindi Motors has come a long way since its partnership with international car giant Kia in 2014. 1989. Over the past 33 years, we we have achieved many achievements by representing a reputable brand like Kia.

The new showroom features a full range of all-time favorite Kia vehicles. Overall, the opening of the brand new Kia exhibition in Bahrain represents an important step forward for the Kia brand’s business in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Gordeep Multani, General Manager – Sales and After Sales of Kia, commented: “The opening of the Kia showroom is coming soon. This is new in a very exciting time for the company and allows us to display the core values ​​of the brands. . We are pleased to have the opportunity to show our customers the brand’s vitality and new direction. This is a massive change since we started 3 decades ago. The strategy is in line with Kia’s global initiative “Movement that inspires”. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have moved forward with our $ 1.5 million investment plan, which we think is worth everything. “The showroom and offices now have a modern and elegant feel, which is very much raised by the previous identity.”

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