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Passengers can now look forward to another premium travel experience with Emirates as the airline reveals its full premium economy offer on board and on land and announces it will open this much sought after cabin for sale from June 1, 2022.

Emirates President Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said: “New class tickets will be introduced, between Economy Class and Business Class, and Emirates will focus on refurbishing the cabins of more than 100 Airbus SE A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft with wide body “. “We are delighted to introduce the new premium economy class,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV in Dubai, where Emirates Airlines is based.

Emirates has been relatively late in entering the market with its premium economy class offerings that have long been popular with many other major operators. The new cabin class, which offers luxury seats, more legroom and service that rivals many airlines, will be available to Emirates customers flying on the popular A380 routes to London, Paris and Sydney. from August 1 and in Christchurch from December.

It is worth noting that Arab Airlines have become better than themselves and compete in terms of comfort and progress. For example, since women were unable to drive in Saudi Arabia, we find Now the first Saudi flight with a female crew The airlines are advancing at a rocket speed, but the Emirates Premium Economy Class is a class in itself and offers a unique experience in the industry, as it is characterized by the following:

Personalized experience at the airport: Customers can look forward to a dedicated premium economy check-in area at Dubai International Airport, or take advantage of one of the many convenient self-check-in kiosks in the hall to avoid queues. This is not the first experience in which Emirates has enriched the experience of ground passengers before the flight, as it has divided this into the business class. Also, in a precedent for the company, Emirates Airlines has done Free hotel accommodation service to attract travelers.

luxury seats: As soon as customers board the plane, they immediately notice the quiet luxury of the Emirates economy class premium cabin. The wooden panel is similar to Business Class, and each seat is designed for optimal comfort and support. Cream-colored leather seats have a wide footrest of 40 inches and rest in a comfortable bed position with plenty of space to lie down.

Comfort: Customers can crouch under soft, durable blankets made from recycled plastic bottles and crouch on a large pillow, both uniquely designed for premium economy class.

dining experience: Including business-inspired elements, customers will be greeted aboard with a welcome drink in luxury glassware. During the meal service, a selection of generous meals made with seasonal ingredients accompanied by stainless steel cutlery wrapped in a linen napkin will be served. The drinks menu will include a selection of drinks.

Unprecedented fun at 40,000 feet: Each seat has a 13.3-inch screen, one of the largest in its class, to enjoy an unmatched selection of up to 5,000 channels of music, movies, TV and news.

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Upon his return to the Emirates, Sir Tim Clark, President of the Emirates, said: “As with everything we do, the Emirates premium economy class will be exceptional in its class, with careful attention to every aspect of the customer experience. Customers who do will be excellent “Since we first introduced the Premium Economy Class in January 2021, the positive response and demand has been tremendous. We currently have six A380s equipped with this cab class, but our goal is to bring this experience to many other markets in our network. This year we will start our special modernization program. “We will install the Premium Economy class on 67 A380 and 53 Boeing 777. At the end of the program, Emirates will have 126 aircraft equipped with a premium economy cabin as well as condition “Modern interior in other cabins. It’s a big investment to ensure that our customers continue to have the best airline experience.”

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