Educational loss worries education systems and the solution is teacher support

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The support teacher is a model that the school community desperately needs, following the decision to return 100% of students continuously after two and a half years of hybrid education and distance learning, as well as the loss of a number of students, be they healthy apo. from the categories of people with determination, different skills, the most important of which are communication and self-expression, as well as the loss of educational skills; Therefore, it should be generalized to all education systems, especially during that period, because it is limited to presence only in the British and American systems.

The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement had confirmed that the educational loss of the UAE is limited during the pandemic compared to the rest of the world, as a result of the extraordinary efforts made by the state to switch to distance education and provide all the educational tools and resources that have enabled students to organize teaching throughout the days of the pandemic and to support students during their educational journey, as this data contributes to the plans and initiatives developed by the educational authorities to overcome educational losses during pandemic.

This came in the country’s results in a study by the International Reds, which is overseen by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the study aimed to measure the distribution and calculation of educational losses among students during distance education during the pandemic “Covid 19”. This will contribute to the development of constructive recommendations, project planning and joint initiatives, between local education authorities, and enabling the UAE to achieve the national agenda indicators.

In the same context, Wendy Banks, Director of Al Salam Private School, stressed that student progress meetings are held with all teachers to ensure that “no child is left behind.” We have a commitment to quality teaching in the first place, which means that every lesson and topic is tailored to meet the needs of all students.

She explained that free intervention sessions are offered to those who do not meet age-related expectations, such as after-school activities, where teachers and learning support staff work together to ensure that each lesson is tailored to students with special needs. and established students.

She went on to explain the role assigned to the assistant teacher during the last semester of this year, saying: Teaching support staff participates in assessing students in their care, to identify learning deficiencies and that they have drawn up a plan individual education accordingly. in order for them to support these students to succeed in lessons with their peers through tailored tasks, in addition to outside classroom intervention.

7 coaches

John Norlin, Director of Learning Support at GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi, said: “To better support the success of our students, we have seven qualified instructors for our Foundation (Kindergarten) and elementary school integration programs. and six teachers to support intermediate level teaching. “These programs aim to make students determined to work and learn alongside other students in different classes.”

He continued, “Our inclusion trainers and learning support teachers work with curriculum teachers to enhance a comprehensive learning experience for all students. Curriculum teachers provide expertise in their subject or grade level, while support specialists share expertise. their in many ways to engage students through a range of activities aimed at improving their educational experience and meeting their needs.

He said that this support is realized through joint planning between the two parties, class teachers and assistant teachers, as well as the sharing of lessons that they have designed specifically to support students.

He noted that our integration trainers and learning support teachers are appointed based on the specific needs of the students and their work also includes helping other students who may be experiencing difficulties, identifying their needs and also working with teachers so that they can provide other types of support, and during the month of Ramadan, he was eager for curriculum teachers and teaching assistants to come together and use their training skills and abilities to support all students who need help.

He stated that at the elementary level, their inclusion trainers use a specialized training program focused on the student and the class teacher, so that the teacher and trainer can use accurate data to identify the needs of the whole class and each student. individually to determine the best. forward in teaching, and at the intermediate level, teachers are trained for curricular work through the Universal Learning Design program, which ensures that if you create paths and options for student learning, all students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. them in a way that best supports them.

to support

Tracey Ferguson, Director of Inclusion at GEMS Metropole School, said the support is available to all students of all types, as under our inclusion program, we have 7 teachers to support teaching, one language therapist, 3 teachers to provided additional English lessons and a student and career counselor, counselor on student quality of life and happiness, and a number of pets as emotional support dogs. This multidisciplinary team aims to provide emotional support and career guidance, as well as support for social skills, language, academic development and Behavior Support and social skills development for students. This support is provided in many forms. Not only for students but also for families and their staff.


In the same context, Mostafa Shehab, Deputy Director of the Middle Phase for Personal Capacity Development Issues at GEMS Al Barsha National School, said that providing an inclusive educational environment is essential to our vision and mission at school, explaining that the teacher supporter contributes to compensate for educational loss among students, as they have 20 a Teaching Support Assistant and 20 Teaching Assistants, to support all students.

He continued: “In addition to having a team of teachers and leaders specializing in inclusion, it tends to provide an inclusive environment by applying methods that respond to the needs of determined students and students with learning difficulties, and aids our learning. support teachers. to overcome barriers to learning and to ensure that communication between the school and parents is effective.


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