Amadeus and ATS Travel for Travel Management Services strengthen their partnership to launch the “ATS Go Green” sustainability campaign with the support of the Olive Gia platform

Consolidate partnerships with key actors within an awareness campaign targeting the Al-Zawra mangrove forest reserve

United Arab Emirates: Amadeus is partnering with ATS Travel, an award-winning travel management services company in the Middle East, to launch its “ATS Go Green” sustainability campaign in partnership with Olive Gaea, a Dubai-based startup that offers innovative and effective solutions To achieve Net Zero across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Iran.

With Amadeus’ commitment to achieving environmental sustainability; Amadeus is working to motivate all travel sectors to make progress towards achieving their goals of achieving zero carbon emissions and ensuring long-term growth and prosperity for the travel industry. The company has set a target to eliminate harmful carbon emissions by 2050, with its ambition to achieve this by 2030.

The “ATS Go Green” initiative emphasizes the commitment of all parties to achieve the environmental sustainability objectives set for them, and to be at the forefront of the travel sector by providing tailored carbon dioxide emissions reports for companies.

In this context; Mr. Selim Sharif, Acting CEO of ATS Travel, said: “The partnership between Amadeus, ATS Travel and Olive Gaea will allow us to work together to provide opportunities for customers to balance their footprint. carbon and inspire customers to build sustainable livelihoods.Through our cultivation we are committed to mangroves achieving a more sustainable future within the local mangrove ecosystem in the Al-Zawra region, we invited our corporate clients and representatives “United Arab Emirates national airlines to join the event and support the mangrove cause with our use of reusable water bottles and environmentally friendly facilities.”

Mr. Saleem added; He said: “Rising atmospheric CO2 is a growing concern for the travel and tourism industry, so we aim to be at the forefront of providing tailored reports on CO2 emissions on flights, roads and hotels for travel companies. Gases greenhouse gas (GHG) only, to include cost-effective options in terms of carbon footprint compensation. “

On his side; Mr. Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont, General Manager of Amadeus Gulf, commented; “This partnership supports our approach to transforming business operations, providing assistance to customers and leading the travel industry towards a more sustainable future. Convincing customers to participate in such green initiatives by ATS Travel and Olive “Gaea and working closely with the global travel community on sustainability reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of this change.”

He added, “The UAE government has paid a lot of attention and focus to sustainability, green initiatives and ecotourism, and it is important to understand the direct impact of travel choices on the carbon footprint.”

On the other side; Mr. Vivek Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Olive Gaea said: “We are delighted to be part of the ATS Go Green initiative, which is supported by Amadeus, as we have the pleasure of playing our part and helping them. take the necessary measures to cope with climate change, in the light of various institutions and organizations that compete with time to cope with climate change and achieve the goal of “Zero Carbon Emissions”. are limited to reducing their environmental impact and supporting new afforestation activities, but they will also work to provide their customers with innovative and effective tools to achieve sustainability.

Mr. Vivek continued; He said: “Change starts with awareness, which is why we are confident that our reports and Carbon Offset initiatives will promote a more environmentally friendly travel industry in the UAE, as this initiative will help corporate travelers. and individuals to assess their environmental impact.and take climate action.Positive with growing concerns about global warming.

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About Amadeus Corporation:

Travel drives progress and prosperity, and Amadeus drives the transportation sector

Amadeus offers innovative solutions that allow travelers from all over the world to seamlessly access their desired journeys through travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and railways.

Our advanced technologies are the result of a long-term partnership between us and the pioneers of the travel sector for over 30 years, during which we have gained distinct experiences that combine an expanded awareness of travel habits and the ability to design and deliver the maximum. advanced, reliable and important systems that our customers need. For more; We help connect more than 1.6 billion people each year with local travel service providers in more than 190 countries.

We work as a single company with a team that shares a unified vision and have a global and local presence wherever our customers need us.

Our goal is to shape the future of travel and we are passionate about providing the best technologies that improve the quality of traveler travel.

Amadeus is listed on the IBEX 35 Index and the Spanish Stock Exchange (AMS.MC). Part of the EuroStoxx50 Index, the company has been rated by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past eight years.

For more information about Amadeus, please visit:

For the company “ATS Travel”:

ATS Travel was founded in 1977 AD; It is a leading and award-winning travel management company in the Middle East. As a travel agency accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), ATS Travel has provided, for four decades in a row, comprehensive and integrated solutions to all travel requirements; Includes services for business and corporate travel, MICE tourism, entertainment, freight, etc … ATS Travel is affiliated with ATS Travel Group (ATG) where the company represents

ATG is present in 14 different countries throughout the Middle East, while ATG is one of the leading independent global travel management companies based in the United States, with a presence in more than 140 locations worldwide.

for more information; Please visit the website:

About Olive Gaea:

Olive Gaea (OG) is; It is a Dubai-based start-up, the first SaaS-based sustainability services platform in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Iran. Our mission is to make “carbon neutrality” accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and to build a climate-resistant future that is resilient to climate change in the UAE and around the world. Olive Gaea helps companies and government agencies develop strategies to achieve “zero carbon emissions” by measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and developing a strategic roadmap to mitigate those emissions, providing a natural compensation for renewables of carefully selected and verified carbon emissions. Olive Gaea offers innovative solutions from technology-assisted afforestation to e-commerce application programming interfaces (APIs), climate action labels, and the Newtrl mobile app for employee engagement and counseling. For more information; Please visit the company website:

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