After 18 years, the story of Ahmed Barada follows Yasmine Abdel Aziz

A case of controversy raised by artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz in recent days, after she canceled the pursuit of her husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, which led to the news that the two had separated before she resumed the account. of the husband.

This latest crisis reminded the public of some of the problems and crises the artist faced throughout her life, the most famous of which was her relationship with former squashist, singer and retired actor Ahmed Barada.

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The crisis of Yasmine Abdelaziz and Ahmed Barada The crisis of Yasmine Abdelaziz and the actor and actor Ahmed Barada, about whom not much is known .. Ahmed Barada, the artist and former world champion in pumpkin, was one of the most important names in the life of Yasmine and her family, whether she was a child or a teenager and continued until marriage and birth.

The relationship between Ahmed Barada and Yasmine Abdelaziz was and still is full of enigmas and ambiguities and no one has managed to solve this logarithm over Barada and try to kill him in front of his house.

Yasmine’s name was rumored in the case and it was said she had an emotional relationship with him after the incident, and over time the rumors ended until disagreements erupted again but this time between Barrada and Yasmine’s ex-husband, businessman Muhammad Halawa. after the businessman accused him of being behind the incident of the attack to which he was exposed and led to his hospitalization.

This accusation of Ahmed Barada’s businessman was not the first in their relationship, as it was preceded by a series of accusations between them, where each party accused the other of insulting and threatening with his hand over the phone, after Barada confirmed that Halawa. had previously had a telephone conversation with him and accused him of many accusations and explicitly threatened him on the pretext that he spoke about his wife in a press interview for one of the art magazines.

Barrada submitted an official report to the Egyptian police accusing him of threatening to kill him, while on the other hand he accused Halawa businessman Ahmed Barada, his divorcee Doaa Fawzy and her brother Hisham of attempting to kill him, and each presented evidence his and accused Yasmine, her husband’s ex-wife, of trying to kill him because he refused to give her milionë 12m of his company’s profits, while the sweetness offered him only milionë 7m.

The conflict then turned into a fierce media war between them, where it was clear that the cause of the crisis was Yasmine and that there was something hidden that made them fight to the point of death threat.

Ahmed Barada reveals his relationship with Yasmine Abdel Aziz Barada and said: Yasmine has been a friend since childhood and I loved her so much that I nominated her to play in a movie I was nominated to play with director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and I can. I do not know where her husband put it in his imagination that I have a relationship with him to the point that he told me that he would hit me as he hit me before, so I submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor that open an investigation into the accident to which I was previously exposed.

And the artist, Hisham Selim, raised the controversy after sending a message to Yasmine Abdel Aziz after the dispute that occurred between her and his daughter.

And Selim posted on the social network “Facebook”, in which he attacked Yasmine Abdelaziz after her accusations against his daughter and asked her: “Are you still playing pumpkin?” While this question aroused the surprise and confusion of the pioneers of social society. networking sites, stressing that he was trying to calibrate Yasmine and had in mind her immersed case.With Ahmed Berrada and her relationship with her, about which no one knows anything about her scenes.

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