What are the winning models for the Crystal Cabin Aircraft Design Award?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A design for “floating” aircraft furniture and a cabin concept that provides each passenger with their own refrigerator has won this year’s Crystal Cabin Award.

The winning concepts of the prestigious aviation design awards, which highlight innovation and creativity in aircraft interior designs, were announced during a ceremony held at the AIX Aircraft Interiors Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

Speaking to CNN during the awards ceremony, Lucas Kestner, president of the Crystal Cabin Award Society, said a team of aviation industry experts spent a day discussing each entry before making their decision.

The jury discussed the creativity and ingenuity of the ideas, as well as the responses of the airlines and potential passengers.

Kestner explained that most of the projects that qualify for the final stage have not yet been implemented and many are merely concepts.

But the main question that revolved around most of the jury decisions, according to Kestner, was “Is this idea feasible in the world of aviation?”

“Floating” cabin furniture.

The Teague team tells CNN that the idea is to “open up more space” by connecting all the cabin furniture to a single runway connected to the side wall and row., Plain_textCredit: Courtesy Teague, NORDAM

After much discussion, the 24 finalists were reduced to eight winners. Designed by design consultancy Teague and aerospace equipment company Nordam, the luxurious Elevate cabin texture with “floating” seats topped the cabin concept category.

Speaking to CNN earlier, during the AIX, Team Teague explained that the idea behind the concept was to “create more space” in the cabin, connecting all the furniture to a single runway connected to the side wall and hallway.

The “Teague” team noted that the idea started when aircraft designers were speaking during the “AIX” exhibition, three years ago.

Designers and engineers realized that they were all facing the same problem: how to free up space in aircraft cabins without losing seats in the process.

Of which
Collins Aerospace claims that the SpaceChiller passenger refrigerator concept will use half the energy used to power conventional aircraft refrigerators., Plain_textCredit: Collins Aerospace

In parallel, the Collins Aerospace’s passenger refrigerator concept, called the SpaceChiller, won first prize in the passenger comfort category.

The award jury was impressed by the company’s claim that the refrigerator would use half the energy used to power conventional aircraft refrigerators.

The ability to increase or decrease the size of the refrigerator, allowing a miniature version to be within the reach of any potential resident, was an attraction for the judges.

encourage innovation

Of which
Georgia Institute of Technology Ken Kirtland won the Crystal Cabin Awards college student category for a concept that imagines a zero-emission electric aircraft called the Portal, plain_textCredit: Ken Kirtland

Crystal Cabin Awards often see some of the most innovative entries in the college student category as the next generation of aviation stylists present their vision for the future of aviation.

It is always interesting to see where previous designs in this category will end up, Castner told CNN.

This year’s winner is Ken Kirtland of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who dreams of a zero-emission electric plane called the “Portal” that uses unused regional airports and flies low.

With airline passengers seeking more and more sustainable options and the industry increasingly forced to find solutions to the grim realities of their carbon footprint, the Kirtland design caught the eye of the Crystal Cabin Awards judges.

The attractive interior of the Portal also played a role in the Kirtland victory, the theme of which is a cabin with premium reclining seats, with passengers capable of enjoying comprehensive views of the sky.

The college student category sums up the Crystal Cabin Awards theme, Kastner explained, adding, “We want to foster innovation and create or spark discussions about the passenger experience.”

List of Crystal Cabin 2022 award winners:

  • Cabin concept category: “Elevate” cabin design for Teague and Nordam aerospace equipment design consultancy
  • Category of cabin systems: Caeli Nova’s “Cordillera” concept
  • Health and safety category: the concept of a fire-resistant cargo container for the French cabin design company “Safran”
  • Passenger Comfort Class: Collins Aerospace SpaceChiller Concept
  • Digital service category: ‘Dedicated space’ for Southwest Airlines
  • Materials and Ingredients Category: Thales Avionics Concept “Pulse”
  • Sustainable cabin class: The concept of “100% recyclable panels for interior decoration” by Diab
  • College Student Class: Ken Kirtland’s “Portal” Aircraft Concept

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